Intro: The Dream that Started all of This

Hello! I’m E, and this is my new, online dream recordings. If you like nonsensical narration and explanations, then maybe you’ll enjoy this blog.

Let me start by saying that I have been a lucid dreamer for years, at least twice a month I can recognize that I’m dreaming and have a sense of control over them. Even more frequently I vividly remember my dreams. I’ll remember them for a few days, then they eventually fade into distant, hazy memories. I have tried on several occasions to record my dreams, but I have failed just as many times, so over the last couple years I have just idly dreamed away…

After last night, though, I realized that I should probably try again. The dream overall, wasn’t particular grandeur in its plot or setting, as I frequently dream of my childhood neighborhood and escaping scary authority figures, so I won’t go into detail about that part.

As I escaped the confines of my old neighbor’s home with a slew of other people, I realized that two of my companions were…me. This is when I became aware that I was dreaming (as I am not accustomed to living amongst my doppelgangers in the waking world.) These two versions of myself( whom I’m dubbdoppelgangersing as E1 and E2) were obviously me, but had some slight differences. E1 seemed to be slightly thinner than me and had a darker hair color. E2 looked exactly like me, but several inches taller. Again, I have a lot of strange dreams, but the dialogue between us is what threw my poor brain for a loop.

Me:”Oh, more E’s…I guess I’m dreaming.”

E1:”No. I must be the one dreaming.”

Me: “Only one of us can be real, and it has to be me. How could I realize that I’m dreaming if I didn’t exist in a reality to compare it to?”

E2:  “Or, we could all be dreaming.”

This level of self-awareness struck me. I realized that I was either diving deep into my own, unconscious psyche (the obviously more likely case) or that somehow I was simultaneously dreaming with versions of myself from other dimension (I mean, I’m not one to rule anything out.)  This thought process had us conversation had us spiraling into discovering ways that we were alike and different, as a means to find ways to debunk or disprove the more likely theory. Unfortunately, I can’t remember too much of our long and detailed conversation, but I do remember from the exprience can be summed up with:

Ways we are similar: We all recognized the slightly distorted landscape as the place we grew up. We all went by the name E. Every aspect of our personal lives seemed to follow the same path. We were all engaged to the same man, we were all the same age, and we all agreed that it was the same year.

Ways we were different: When we realized that there wan’t much to explore in differences with our personal lives, we branched into discussing world-wide events. This is where we everything was different. Neither of the other E’s exprience 9/11, and were horrified at what I told them. They also both laughed when I told them the Donald Trump is the upcoming president. E1 talked about a bunch of pop-culture events that meant nothing to me, and E2 said that in 2015, 90% of  Madagascar was submerged beneath the ocean after an Earthquake.

And then I woke up. There is nothing more annoying and jarring than waking up from a dream that you had no desire to end. By the time I had gotten up and gone to the bathroom, great chunks of our conversation was lost in my mind and only those specific bits remained with me while writing this.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a dream quite like this, or the fact that I enjoyed how in-depth my mind can be in dreams, but it did inspire me to write it out and attempt to do the same with my other dreams, so that counts for something.

Dream Rating: 9/10. Stange. Meta. Pretty intense overall.


4 thoughts on “Intro: The Dream that Started all of This

  1. Hello GreyPandora,

    Now that was interesting, thank you for sharing that, I had a somewhat similar experience in a dream gone lucid dream once (; but I also forgot a lot of the conversational parts of the dream.

    Your dream was even more interesting because you had several different versions of yourself, and you got to explore yourself more deeply than I did in either of those two dreams in that old dream post of mine.

    It is good that you are now considering recording your dreams, I recommend keeping a recording device by your bed that you can use to voice record your dreams until you can type or write them later, and this can be done without getting out of bed (unless you share a room with someone like I do).

    I recommend recording something every day even if you remember nothing.

    You are fortunate to have lucid dreams so often, do you do anything special to keep them stable or do your lucid dreams stay stable and last longer on their own naturally?

    My lucid dreams are usually short and unstable, and so I usually wake up from them pretty quickly; and I rarely have lucid dreams.

    Do you ever use dream powers/abilities (flying, teleporting, super speed, super strength, summoning dream characters and/or objects, removing things from your dream, changing the dream world, et cetera) in your lucid dreams and/or do you ever deal with the scary authority figures in your lucid dreams?

    -John Jr


  2. John Jr,
    It’s strange how lucid dreaming changes the interactions between us and dream characters or dream versions of people we know in reality. It always ends up kind of trippy.

    Unfortunately, voice recording my dreams would not be the best option, as I share a room and bed with my fiance. I’ve found that just jotting down a few “trigger” words about the dream helps me remember when I go to record it.

    The length of my lucid dreams are varied, it doesn’t seem to have much affect on how long the dream was going to last with or without my realization that I was dreaming.

    I have lucid dream so often because I read an article once that clocks inside of dreams are never consistent. For example, if you look at a clock and see one time, them look away for a second and see a completely different time, or random numbers that don’t make sense, then you can tell that you’re dreaming. I’ve made it my mantra when going to bed to always look at the clocks. That has increased my lucid dreaming 10x. It does take a little time for you to remember to look at clocks in your dreams, but it’s worth trying! There is also a very specific character in my dream (one that mirrors a fictional character that could never exist in our world) that is like my Inception totem; when I think that I may be dreaming I look for him, if he’s there I know I’m not awake.

    When I lucid dream, my level of control will vary; sometimes I can change the area and people around me; I’ll sometimes fly, make objects move, conduct my own story…

    Sometimes I can only adjust smaller things (such as a weapon, a phone, or some money) to make things easier. It’s like my subconscious is fighting really hard for me to not have control.

    Other times I either can’t seem to control it or I have no desire to. Sometimes I just let the dream carry me wherever, to see where my subconscious take me. When I lucid dream, I have very little fear. When I do have lucid dreams that involve authority figures, it usually turns into an elaborate escape routine that just gets more wild the more control that I have!


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    • Hello GreyPandora,

      Oddly I did not get a Notification that you had replied to my comment, fortunately I got an email alert though, that is an annoying bug that randomly happens on sometimes it seems.

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

      Yes, one of the strange things that sometimes happens in my lucid dreams when they first go lucid is that dream characters can freeze like time has stopped and/or they start acting robotic and less unique and realistic like they were before the dream went lucid and/or they will wait for commands and/or they will need to be commanded to get them to do things like they have lost their unique personalities once the dream goes lucid (maybe they stopped being controlled by my subconscious sometimes, and then I have to consciously control them, but who knows).

      Even though I can not voice record my dreams in my room either, which leads to me not voice recording my dreams as often as I should, I still sometimes voice record my dreams by going into another room to voice record them quickly and then I get back in bed so that is also something to consider sometimes to go along with your current strategy. 😉

      You are fortunate to have dreams that naturally stay stable (or last how long they would have) once the dream goes lucid, I am not usually so fortunate.

      It is good that you found some reality checks/totems that work for you, I almost never have clocks in my dreams, and some reality checks do not work for me (including the text and number trick and the clock trick I think, but I could be wrong but I think that I remember trying the clock reality check before in a dream and it did not work for me as well as the text and numbers trick because in my dreams they usually are readable and stay the same even when I look away and look back); and I can not do some common reality checks because either those things are usually not in my dreams or I usually do not look at those things, like the hand trick which has worked for me before, but I almost never look at or see my hands in my dreams and I almost never see myself because most of my dreams do not have mirrors and windows can be a bit rare as well.

      Nice, do you fly more like Superman in dreams or is it more like swimming in the air and/or gliding and/or flying almost bird-like?

      Interesting, being able to adjust smaller things can be more impressive than being able to adjust larger things sometimes, and I think that it is even more interesting that it seems that your subconscious possibly fights your control in these situations sometimes; I remember trying to change a person’s appearance in a lucid dream before once or twice (which probably caused their features to start fading and warping and getting blurry and the dream started to collapse), but it was hard to control so the dream collapsed.

      I would like to hear what happens if you try to face the authority figures in a lucid dream one day; and I know what you mean about how sometimes you do not really try to control the lucid dream, this happens to me sometimes and sometimes I do not try to control much to avoid making the dream unstable (in my case), and usually I will forget that I am dreaming again or partly forget so the dream returns to normal usually.

      -John Jr


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