Scaling Rock Mountain

Have you ever climbed a rock wall?

Well, I have not. Unless you count the time I made it 3 feet up the rock wall at the university I attended. I have a pretty strong fear of falling, so I keep my steep mountain expeditions to a minimum. So, it was a bit surprising that I had a dream about mountain climbing.

We were at a giant amusement park (by “we” I mean a plethora of people that have been apart of my life at some point, from elementary friends to current work buddies). There was this huge rock wall attraction made to look like a real rocky mountain. It was hundreds of feet tall and loomed over even the largest rollercoaster.

Instead of climbing up it, we were scaling down it. The point was to climb down it slowly and find “selfie spots” that were hidden along the steep rocky terrain, the more selfie spots you found on your way down, the bigger your prize would be. I don’t like heights, and I am one of the last people that wants to take a selfie…but apparently, dream me was 100% okay with this amusement park  drop of evil  ride. So, in my enthusiasm, I offer to be the first to go in our group. They placed me in that fancy harness that rides up your shorts and sent me down. Somehow, just as I took my first step down, the cable tethering me to safety unclipped from my harness, sending me pummeling down.

Normally when I fall in dreams, I hit the ground and wake up. But I would not be dying in dreamworld this time! I managed to grab onto a protruding ledge and secure my footing into a crevice. Either no one noticed or no one cared that I was on the verge of falling off of this cliff.

Despite everything, I wanted to continue with the selfie contest. As people around me were joining the cliffside, safely harnessed, I scaled as slowly as I could to each selfie destination (which was marked with a red circle near scenic vies or strange rock formations.) I worked through the entire situation very well, even as the dread built up in my stomach. I even took a phone call from my mother and feigned normalcy as I stared down at the amusement park sidewalk that could be my doom.

Finally, someone noticed that I was on the verge of falling. She was a dream person, Though I can’t remember anything about her face, I know she was short and had brown hair, and that her name was Rocky (real original, subconscious.) She saw that I was untethered and offered to let me slide down her own rope. After almost falling again, I decided that completing the challenge was’t worth my safety and used my clip to slide down after she was on the ground. I remember being so relieved that I had made it as far as I did without falling, and that I lived to tell about it.

The dream then jumps to me telling my mother the truth about the whole ordeal. I told her about the ridiculously huge Rock Mountain, my faulty equipment, and my near-death experience. However, when I went back to the park to show her the terrifying attraction, it could not be found. In its place was a small, 15-foot classic rock wall for children. My mother was not impressed.

My subconscious must dislike me.

Dream Score: 5/10. Weird that I dream of something I fear with such fearlessness. Not being believe though sucks.



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