The Game House

I wish I had been able to record this dream the day that I dreamt it, but I haven’t had the time due to the increased order list at the warehouse that I work at. This dream was too odd and fun not to mention (or easily forget!)

It’s a little strange that I have had two amusement park/carnival themed dreams in such a short period of time…I wonder if there is any psychological reason behind it?

Anyways, I was with a group of dream people. We were all lined up to go to this intense attraction at a colorful and fun carnival. This attraction was far off the in the field, a fair distance away from the the rest of the rides and games. We were going to be the first group of people to try out the Game House. The goal was to be able to complete all three challenges, each challenge was on a different floor. You could complete them in any order, as long as you finished them. The first person to complete all three challenges would be awarded a fabulous prize (I don’t recall what the prize was, but I knew it was something good enough for me to want to win.)

The Game House looked like a regular farm house; white, wooden, and otherwise very nondescript. It comprised of three floors: basement, ground, and attic, each of these levels held one of the challenges. We all entered into the house through the first level. My mind went on “high alert” when I noticed that the house was completely empty. I knew there was something strange going on, though no one else seemed to be bothered. The door shut and locked behind us as someone made an announcement over some speaker system. As they spoke, the floor around us was rapidly changing into a thick carpet of vines and dirt. The voice recapped what we must do to win, wished us luck, and then drifted off into nothingness. We only had seconds to reach a floor level before they “closed off.” Several people ran upstairs, others foraged their way through the ever growing jungle, a spare few (including myself) rushed into the basement. My thought was that I would start at the bottom and work my way up.

The bottom floor appeared to be a normal basement: concrete floors, some boxes and junk scattered around. There were some bare bulbs that dimly lit the basement. The announcer voice sounded again. It told us that we all may want to hide before the round started. Some people laughed it off, I and a few others chose to hide. I hid deep inside a fort of boxes, making sure to cover my head with any empty one as a type of camouflage. Some guy hid near me under a ping pong table.

There was a long buzz announcing the start of the round. The lights flickered. I was becoming increasingly terrified. What was going to happen?

Despite being buried in boxes, I was perfectly able to see the horror unfolding in front of me (as I tend to be able to do in dreams.) A man in a hockey mask stomped down the stairs, wielding a long, bloodied knife and dragging a mutilated corpse behind him. Apparently, the first challenge was to survive and escape a Jason Voorhies lookalike. In the waking world, the scene was just as hokey as an 80’s slasher film and would have easily been laughed off, though in my dream it was horrible. I watched as the people that didn’t hide were running and screaming in fear as they scrambled towards the basement door, only to be unable to open it. They were all slashed to pieces in the most gruesome of ways. Those of us that were hiding held our breaths in fear as the killer began his search, for us.

He found several other people in poor hiding spots, even the guy near me that was crouched under the game table. I heard him scream before he became nothing but a gory mess.  One by one, the killer found them…except me and two other people. We knew we had to get out, but since the door was locked, we knew that we also had to find a key first.

After the killer believed he had found all of his victims, he lumbered over to the far side of the basement to clean off his knife. While he was busy, the three of us were able to sneak around and come up with a plan grab the key, which was now magically hanging off the wall right next to the killer (again, dream logic.)

After this, things get a little hazy, so I’ll sum it up in bullet points since the narrative  lost it’s flow in my mind:

-We came up with a plan to distract the killer and grab the key. The guy of our group offered to be bait. He died, but the other girl and I grabbed the key and managed to escape.

– After beating the first round, we were thrown into the second round on the ground floor. We had to survive in the jungle and find the staircase that lead to the next level in the now, impossibly large space that was filled with poisonous fangs, and killer teeth. At this point, I only remember fighting some kind of giant snake. At some point, the girl and I were separated and she faded from my dream.

-The attic level was some sort of science fiction adventure where were were astronauts on a dysfunctional ship that we needed to fix…or were would forever be lost in space. The idea of being abandoned in the the deep, dark landscape of space has been a strong fear of mine: which is why I will never ever want to go out into space.  It was some point in this level — when we were attempting to enter Earth’s atmosphere without burning to a crisp — that I woke up. I never did get to find out if my team made it or not, and I never did get to see if I won the prize. My guess is that I died, which is why I woke up.

I kept feeling a familiar sensation that I had see or read a very similar story about killer carnival game levels. I couldn’t remember for days what it was called. Today, though, I finally remembered the name of the book that my dream seems to be based on. Neal Shusterman’s “Full Tilt” was a book I had read years ago. I had read it one, and then a second time within a few days because I like it so much.  The synopsis of the story can be found here.

So, all in all, I had an intense dream loosely based off of a good book that I had read ages ago. Creepy and adrenaline filled, I give this dream an A+ for interesting, but a C- for results. 6/10.


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