The Faceless

If you have read some of my other posts, you’ll know that I have many unsettling dreams. This is the norm for me. Though I categorize these as “nightmares,” vary rarely do I consider them actual nightmares, because creepy stuff happens in them all the time. With the exception of the hair-loss dream and natural disaster dreams, (which I’m sure I’ll write about sometime in the future) my dreams to not scare me. Though creepy, this one is just another weird dream.

My dad, brother, and I were had just toured giant castle. Along with the castle, there were 4 branching mansions perpendicular to the castle and parallel to each other.  The king of this castle had built the mansions for his four children.

The dream “starts” just after we had toured the last of the four mansions, we were sitting on a bench in one of the courtyards between two of the mansions, talking about our tour experience. We had all agreed that the last of the four mansions had been “creepy”. My father was explaining the strange thing that he saw while we were touring, but I tuned him out as I looked over his shoulder. There were plenty of other people touring  the historical site. Everyone moved and engaged in a normal way, but the man walking past another bench had no face. No one seemed to notice this though. I began to panic slightly and blinked several times, only to see that the man’s face had returned to normal. I remember feeling relief for a brief second, only to see that other people a round him now had no faces. The flow of facelessness was unpredictable, but growing…and they had noticed that I saw their faceless appearances. They approached us swiftly and I began to usher my father and brother away, however my dad did not move fast enough and the faceless stole his face. He became a mock of himself, and eery mirror of my father. I cried out and ran away with them chasing me… only to wake up.

Creepy, but I just shrugged and fell back asleep.

Score: 3/10. Why? Just whyyyyy?


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