Sinking Back In: A Sleep Paralysis Experience

Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

I have. Very routine ones at that. I “wake” up and see the room around me, but I am unable to move or speak. Sometimes I see things shift around me; furniture may move or change, or creepy shadows start moving their way into the bedroom. One time I even experienced little black demons running and jumping on me and dismembered hands coming out of the wall around me.

Last night, I was lucky.

Last night I was having an amazing dream. I was a superhero in training. Many of the other heroes were X-Men or other Marvel characters related except we all lived at Hogwarts. A mix of mutants and magic, what could be better than that?!

Anyways, something stirred me from my sleep. However, only my brain woke up. BOOM! Sleep Paralysis. This one wasn’t scary like some of the other ones I have had, mainly because I knew what was happening, so instead of waiting for things to warp around me, I tried to coax myself back into full unconsciousness. I was going to return back to my superheroes-armed-with-magical-wands dream, damnit!

It’s really strange. Being aware that you are returning to sleep. I began sinking into my mattress, head first. It was like gently floating downward. I watched the darkness slowly morph around me and I, once again, returned to dreamland.

No more magical superheroes though. I had a different dream about working on a giant food truck. UGH!!!

Dream Experience: 5/10.  Minus 4 points for not returning to my awesome dream.


6 thoughts on “Sinking Back In: A Sleep Paralysis Experience

  1. Hello Greypandora,

    This is one of the few neutral or positive sleep paralysis experiences that I have read, you were fortunate, and that was a cool transition that you had with you sinking into your mattress back to sleep and into a dream world.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


  2. Wow John Jr, that sounds really interesting! Either you experienced something beyond typical explanations or you had a dream triggered by the sounds that you were hearing while asleep combined with some major coincidences. 🙂

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  3. […] I often have moments while sleeping that are like astral projection. I cannot move much, but I’ll find myself floating above my bed. I cannot see my body beneath me because I am on my back, but I know it’s there and I usually see the lumped outline of my fiance’s legs under the covers next to me. Usually at this point, I’ll use all my energy to force to sink into the bed, and return to dreaming. […]


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