First Dream of the New Year

If you are Japanese, or know a little about the culture, you might recognize the term Hatsuyume. This term refers to the first dream had in the new year. Traditionally, the contents of the dream foretell the luck of the dreamer’s upcoming year. I studied Japanese for four year and even spent two weeks in Japan, and I developed an interest in some of their traditions and folklore. So, every year since high school, I’ve tried to recall my first dream(s) of the year, and see if there were any correlations that could be made between my dream and the following year. (Last year, it was a dream about zombies, so I’ll let you decide if that was accurate for the 2016 year.)

This year, my dream was very short, but perhaps it was a good omen. My fiance and I were walking on the ice of a large lake. We stuck close to shore, but were slowly venturing our way out from the frozen beach. My fiance, (R) was wandering over towards a dock, where a boat was tied. I told him to be careful, as I feared that the ice would break. He took a few step forward, but then decided to heed my warning and head back. I noticed the ice cracking slightly in the area that he would have stepped on, but it did not break. We rejoined near the shore and walked back to the frozen beach.

We stared at the beautiful scenery and laughed with happiness. R turned and said to me:

“Good thing we knew to come back, we could have fallen in.”

Last year was a year of change for us, we have both gone through a lot in the 365 days of 2016. I see this dream as both a good omen and a cautionary one; it’s okay to venture out of your comfort zone, but sometimes you have to stay ashore and wait for the path to become more stable before venturing too far from what you know is safe.

Score: 6/10. Nothing exciting, but nothing bad either. Hopefully it’s a good omen!


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