Think-Back Tuesday: I Created Life!

Another fun addition to my blog. A throw-back to a dream I had my senior year of college. This is one that I won’t forget easily.

The dream started off with me being in some sort of empty void. I was floating through this endless space with some cranial device attached to my head. Several thick wires protruded from it, many joined together in bundles that strung away from met, attached to something that I could not see.

A feminine robotic device echoed through the void:

“Begin Simulation 4.63”

I heard something whirr in the distance, but the darkness didn’t change. Scared and confused, I began to struggle against the mechanical attachments. I noticed that there were some mechanical devices also attached to my hands. I tried prying them off, but they wouldn’t budge.  I finally slapped my hands together in hopes of breaking them.

The force of the clap sparked a small ball of energy. This yellow light appeared where my hands had met. It hovered in front of me, unmoving.

“You have created energy” the robot voice spoke again. “You can now create anything.”

I stared at the ball of energy. As I focused on it, I couldn’t help but think of the Big Bang. I reached out towards the light and whispered: “Bang.”

With a burst of sound and color, the ball expanded and exploded. The once empty space was now filled with stars and planets, all dwarfed by my massive size. Galaxies were clouds of greens, blues, and pinks. I had created an entire universe.  I zoomed through my universe, passing past billions for suns and solar systems. I loved flying through this endless maze of colors.

“Create,” the robot voice whispered. I stopped my flying and paused. The voice was right, I could create so much more. I then slowly meandered through different solar systems, stopping at one with a red and purple sun. The solar system only had six planets orbiting its small star. I picked up the second to last planet, it was only about the size of a marble. It was a swirl of deep green land, and a purple sea that snaked through the landmasses.

“I give you…life,” I said to the colorful marble. It sparkled in my hand.

The dream then jumps to me in the empty void again. I felt like I had been away from this strange simulation thing for a while.

“Load Simulation 4.63,” a different, more masculine robot voice spoke.

My universe had reappeared. The planet that I had given life floated in front of me. I wanted to see what had become of my little planet. I blinked, and found myself standing on my planet. I was standing on thick, dark green grass, gazing on a set of mountains in the distance, behind me was a purple shore with deep purple water. What had been a (relatively) short time for me, had been billions of years of evolution.

This part is hazy, but I remember searching my planets for humans, or human-like beings/ sentient creatures. I remember finding none as I walked through various landscapes. Disappointed, I thought about leaving my planet alone and starting a new one. Just before I was about to leave, I cam across a herd of buffalo-like creatures with black hair; the largest animals I had encountered on my journey. I suddenly had the idea to approach them.

They were not afraid of me, and actually had little interest in me being there. I walked up to the nearest creature. It looked up at me with dull eyes. I patted it’s head and scratched it’s cheeks.

“I give you understanding,” I smiled as I scratched the bridge of its nose. The buffalo’s dark eyes sparked with a light that they didn’t have before. I grinned and walked away from the herd, leaving my earth to evolve.

Again, I appeared in the empty space, though this time I had an underlying sadness when the simulation loaded up. I remember pushing my feeling aside, curiosity overtaking my senses. I returned to my life-filled planet.

Again, millions of years must have passed for this planet, as the world was abuzz with life. Sentient life.  The buffalo creatures had evolved in to bipedal race. They had developed civilizations. They seemed to be experiencing their medieval period; they had castles and knights, and forged iron.

They knew I was their creator. They swarmed me with questions. Who was I? What was I? How come I had been gone for so long? Why did I allow bad things to happen to them?

I remember crying in sympathy and frustration. To them, I was an all-powerful god. But I was just the instigator in a very realistic simulation. I could start the beginning of the universe, create life, and sentience, but I could not guide it along. The massive hidden computers did that. I could not influence every aspect of their lives. I wanted to help them, I wanted to stay with the being I had created, but I still had the overwhelming sensation that this would be the last time that I would be there.

I told them that I was only in as much of control of their lives as they were. I couldn’t help them in all the ways they wanted. They didn’t fully understand this and continued to beg me to stay. I cried; I wanted to be with them.

“Simulation 4.63 Exp. # (I can’t remember the number here) complete,” the robot voice droned. Everything that had been in this existence that I had created had disappeared.

Everything went white.

Then I woke up.

Dream Score: 10/10. Aside from the sad ending, it was super interesting. I was literally a god.




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