Time Traveling Through History

Have you ever experienced a dream that coincides with or is a continuation of another dream you have had before? I experienced a dream Part 2, last night.

The first dream I had was over a year ago. Most of it is foggy at this point, as I never wrote it down, but I remember the basic outline of it all.

I was zooming through a kaleidoscope tunnel of colors, only to fall out of the tunnel and land hard on a cobblestone alley road.

“It actually worked!” a voice cheered. I remember being pretty annoyed by the voice, because the fall had actually hurt. I looked up to see a very familiar face. Ya’ know, that guy on the $100 bill? Yep, Benjamin Franklin. I had gone into the past – mid 1700’s, Philadelphia.

Side note: I have done extensive research projects on Benjamin Franklin in school; once for a history project, and once for a literary analysis on some of his written works. I have learned the good, the bad, and the ugly about this founding father. So, I know a lot about him and have concluded that while he was a respectable and influential man, he was also a bit sketchy.  Upon seeing that Benjamin Franklin had experimented with electric energy to create strange time-traveling wormholes, my reaction was:

“Are you f***ing kidding me?”

Like I said, I don’t remember much detail, but I do remember that there was no way for me to get back. I also remember that Franklin was pretty chill about discovering a way to bring someone from the future; he really just wanted knowledge on technology, so he could invent them earlier and ‘change the world” (which is a totally pragmatic idea, just not a foolproof one, as I am not even remotely an engineer.) He was also fine with me being a woman, (which I thought was pretty cool despite the time period) but was disconcerted with the fact that I was wearing pants, as I needed to “blend in.” He was also elated that America was a thriving country 200+ years later. (No, I did not go into current politics … I wanted to spare him of that.)

There are several more gaps in this dream, but I do remember wearing a dress that was super itchy, changing my name to Elizabeth, and creating a plausible backstory to avoid suspicion, all while secretly assisting Benjamin Franklin in creating some of our modern tech (mostly more basic stuff, like indoor lighting.)

I shrugged the dream off the next morning and mostly forgot about it until last night, when the dream continued.

The dream starts off in France, and the memories of the previous dream flood back to me. I am Elizabeth, and I am with Benjamin Franklin on one of his many excursions to France. In public, I am deemed his “maid,” as well as his niece.

A lot of people around me were actually speaking French and I had no idea what they were saying. And while I was treated with a higher level of courtesy than many woman with my title, I was still addressed in demeaning manners by the elites of France. Though I understood the time period, Franklin had to remind me several times to bite my tongue, because I had said less that “palatable” things in response to some of them.

I remember attending some sort of meeting. I was the only female in attendance, as Franklin used the excuse that he needed someone to take notes for him since he had rheumatism in his fingers. Apparently, nobody questions Benjamin Franklin, and I was (begrudgingly) allowed in. I got really bored, since most of it was in French, anyway.

Then we were preparing to visit the Palace of Versailles for more business and some sort of huge party.  I was told that I had to wear one of those huge dresses — with a buttload of adornments — that were popular in French courts.

“I am not wearing that tent, Franklin,” I remember scoffing. (For some reason, I only called him by his last name.)

“You’ll have to,” he insisted. This turned into a verbal argument that made me so frustrated that it escalated to yelling, and it only ended when some lady came in to help me with my dress. I had to suck it up and wear it.

A whole lot of NOPE!

Next, I’m at the party/ball. I was very, very uncomfortable with the large dress I was wearing and the heaviness of the wig and hat on my head. I actively stayed away from the founding father and I remember muttering curses under my breath whenever I saw Franklin at the party (he was flirting with all of the French ladies).

I accidentally bumped into a man who was dressed in full attire. He said something in French, and I apologized, saying I was still learning the language and could’t understand him. Then, with a thick accent, he spoke in English.

“I suggest you return to Benjamin Franklin’s side,” he said slyly “and to tell him to keep a better eye on his little time traveler,” I remember starting at the man in shock before waking up.

This feels like a “To be continued…” type of dream. Maybe one day I’ll dream up a Part 3.

Dream Score: 6/10. Not sure why it has to be revolved around Benjamin Franklin, but I’m impressed that my subconscious is mostly historically accurate. Nothing scary, and it was an intriguing dream to wake up from on my birthday.




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