To Serve Man and Other Space Adventures

My dream were not very coherent last night, but they did tie together in a theme: aliens and outer space.

Dream 1: This first one involved an alien race that had tricked humans into going into travel pods to their planet, only to eat/kill/experiment on them after they made the servejourney (“To Serve Man,” anyone?) However, these aliens were more forward than the ones from the Twilight Zone, and had announced their true intentions once a group of people were trapped in a pod. However, these aliens valued intelligence and allowed us two days to remain on Earth to escape the pod. If we were able to free ourselves, we could remain on Earth forever. If time ran up, them the pod would shoot off into space and we would be doomed on arrival to their alien planet.

I was with a group of about twelve people; a friend of mine from school, my brother, a bunch of dream people, and for some reason — David Hyde Pierce. He wasn’t even an influential part of my dream, he was just there.

Have you ever done an escape room? (If not, I highly recommend it.) It was like that, full of hidden clues and puzzles that involved teamwork. The pod was huge and made to look like a home mixed with a bunker. There were lots of beds and chairs and a fully stocked kitchen — at least the aliens were providing us comfort before killing us.

I don’t remember any of the puzzles, but I do remember finding an escape hatch at some point and we all escaped. The end.

Dream Score: 4/10. Very meh, overall. It didn’t flow well, and I never did see any aliens. It only gets this high of a score, because David Hyde Pierce is awesome.


Dream 2: I woke up at some point and fell back asleep. In this dream, I was out in the woods, taking a walk. I stumbled across this sphere, about the size of an exercise ball. It was shiny and metallic looking, but was warm to the touch. When I placed a hand on it, it vibrated slightly. Then I made the mistake of touching it with both hands.

I was launched into space, holding onto the ball as it zoomed at impossible speeds through the universe. My stomach actually made that dropping sensation, like when you’re on a roller coaster. I was surrounded in a greenish light (which I assume allowed me to breathe) as I traveled through space on this ball.

Giant planets, hunks of rock, and burning suns dwarfed my existence to such a minuscule size that it made me feel ill.  Just before waking up, I was arriving at a large, red planet.

Dream Score : -1000000/ 10. Nope. Nope. Nope. I don’t like these dreams of floating in space. It’s super terrifying. Also, still didn’t actually get to see any aliens, or actually arrive on the planet. Booooo…


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