Hiding and Crying

I had two very unrelated dreams last night, but both put me on edge. At least, as I was reaming them.

Dream 1: I was trapped in a three story house by this really creepy old guy. He was thin and bald, and walked with a hunch. Why I was afraid of a guy that I could physically take down easily, I’ll never know.

The house was a hoarders paradise; it was full of boxes and trinkets –many of the broken– that filled every corner of the house. Everything in the house was gray-toned, like Tim Burton had filmed the scene.  

For some reason, I had it in my mind to hide my phone from the man. For whatever reason, I knew bad things would happen if her got ahold of it. So, instead of spending my time trying to escape the giant, messy house, I spent my time trying to use the junk to my advantage and hide my phone in a place that he would never think of looking. I finally chose to hide it in an empty soup can that was inside of a bucket hanging off of a tree branch near the open window on the top floor. Nothing came of the dream.

Score: 2/10. There was no point to this dream. What would an old creepy guy want my phone anyways? Also, it already had a password lock.


Dream 2: I’m getting married in October, so it is a large presence in my life at the moment. So, I’m not surprised that I had a wedding dream.

I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. I had just finished putting on my wedding dress in this large fitting room. We were getting married in a mansion (in reality, were are tying the knot at a golf course.) My mother was helping me, but she was dressed in casual street clothes. I found this odd, but shrugged it off as “mostly unimportant” in my mind. I just wanted to get married.

The ceremony was a disaster. My brother ran down the aisle without my friend, M, who was trying to walk slowly. I saw all of this from a bird’s-eye view, even though I wasn’t even in the room yet. My maid of honor almost missed her cue, because she was trying so had to manage everything that she lost track of time. I almost missed my cue, because I was so confused.

My aunt was up at the altar with my fiance, ready to marry us (in reality, my mom’s close friend will be conducting the ceremony). Before I could even get part way down the aisle. My aunt stops the ceremony to announce that she had terrible news: some random great aunt from my dad’s family had just passed away, so they would postpone everything right then for mourning. Everyone nodded in agreement.

I was told to sit down in a seat, in my wedding dress, so that I could reflect on the life of this woman I hardly knew. In that moment, I became livid. I remember standing up and saying that I didn’t really know the woman, and that she was 98 years old! (In reality, I don’t think anyone in my dad’s family is that old.) I was then yelled at of being a “bridezilla” and wanting everything to go my way. I started crying, because all I wanted was to walk down the aisle, say my vows, and get married to my fiance. I was so frustrated and upset in my dream that I woke up whining/half crying.

Score: 1/10. So nonsensical, and horrible. I know this scenario could never happen, but jeez. I just hope that these kind of dreams don’t start flooding my sleep as the date get closer.


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