Hodgepodge of Dreams

This grouping of dreams has taken place over two nights…mainly because I was ill yesterday and had no desire to write down Wednesday morning’s dream. So, off we go!

Dream 1 (Wednesday): I was with a bunch of people in what appeared to be a school. Usually when I dream about schools, it is a warped version of their my old elementary, middle, or high school. This place looked nothing like any of them, other than the standard brown brick that most schools are. This school was in a warmer climate than where my old schools are located. It was hot and sticky out, and the grass was green and fertile. (Then again, I could have been the middle of summer.) Everyone there was from a range of ages; from young children to older adult (50’s-60’s). Though I felt like an adult, I looked up at a lot of people when talking to them, like I was the size of a child. I don’t even know if I was actually myself or someone else.

We were all hiding from something. At first I had no idea what. The was a thick layer of apprehension in the air. You could tell that the adults were scared. I finally went to ask one woman what was happening. She was of average height, slightly plump, had brown hair with bangs, and wore one of those pink business dresses that was popular in the 80’s.  ccdf4f3a0affab92e3dd2ce0b5c71d5a

Just as I was about to demand that she tell me why everyone was stuck in this hot, sweaty room, I saw through the window what was so terrifying. There, in the distance, were three tornadoes that looked like they were about to touch down. The closest one looked like it was going to touch down at the far edge of the vastly huge parking lot surrounding the building.

Everyone was being quickly rushed away from the windowed room. Many adults were suggesting to hide in the hall. I suggested that we head the nearby enclosed, windowless bathroom. A small handful of people agreed and followed me into the bathroom. We sat in a two stalled bathroom of several minutes in silent horror. Then there was a sudden Crack! Boom!

Followed by a tearing sound. I woke up just as our small bathroom began lifting off into the air.

Dream Score: 3/10. I hateee natural disaster dreams, but tornadoes are probably the least frightening of them. The pink, 80’s dress was kinda interesting though.


Dream 2 (Thursdays): I was in a place that was a weird mesh between my parent’s house and a hospital. I had just left a room. I was sad, (but not devastated) about the condition of someone I was visiting there. I was down, and slumped down the carpeted hallway. I turn the corner to see a man sitting in the living room/ waiting room. He was an African American man in his late 30’s. In his arms, he was cradling his newborn son. He stopped me, just to comment that I looked a lot like his wife, who had just died several hours ago giving birth to their child. He shows me a picture of her — we had the same curly hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, though our facial features were vastly different. I my mind, I didn’t think we looked that much alike, but I figured he just needed to reach out to someone. So, I smiled and agreed.

I sat next to him and he let me hold his son (he never mentioned the baby’s name). I rocked the baby and welcomed him to the world, telling him that he was going to make a big impact.

Then I woke up.

Score: 5/10: Short. Simple…and it had a positive ending.


Dream 3 (Thursday): I lived a community of houses that bordered a large and wide river. It must have been the 4th of July, because we were all gathered to watch the the fireworks off of the water. It was a cool, summer evening, and everyone was excited. Dozens of beach towels and blankets lined the river for a comfortable viewing experience.

I was a highly-respected individual in the community, because I had some sort of magical powers that helped protect everyone in the neighborhood. (The more I think about it, the more I realize that this was a blended world of the world as we know it and a fantasy realm. The houses were typical suburban homes, there were cars and sidewalks… but there were also little gnome creatures that roamed around.) Many community members welcomed me as I arrived. I smiled and greeted them politely…I felt it was an obligation to be on my best behavior at all times around my community.  The other adults drank as they waited for the sun to set. I did not.

To entertain the children that were awaiting the fireworks display. I floated along the riverbank, creating bead of luminescent flowers for them to pick. Natural glow sticks for glowing-flowers-99368the upcoming darkness. The children laughed and squealed with delight, and many adults paused to admire them as well. Just as the sun was setting, I got a horrible, sinking feeling in my gut. I looked around at the happy celebration, trying to find a reason for my discomfort.

I noticed one of the flowers that I created was a dull, smoky black color, unlike the purple, blues, and pinks I had created. I plucked it out of the ground and observed it. I nearly screamed when it spoke to me.

“I see you. Walk in a straight line and come to me…then no one will get hurt,” an eery voice demanded. I knew it wasn’t the flower talking, but someone using magic to speak through the flower like a walkie talkie.

“No,” I hissed into the flower. I crunched it up and stomped it into the sandy ground. I glared across the river to the woods on the other side of the bank — where the person must have been, because that was the direction I was facing. Against my better judgement, I did not tell anyone about the threat, knowing that there was nothing that they could do to stop this evil person from attacking. So, I instead stayed on high-alert. I floated back and forth across the water, like a guard protecting a castle. Nothing happened.

The sun eventually set, and people were sitting down for the launching of the fireworks. I reluctantly sat down with my own family on our beach towel, keeping an eye on the woods. The fireworks started and people oohed and ahhed at the sight. I actually started relaxing as the night continued without a hitch. But, just as the last few fireworks were being launched into the air, the space around us shifted. The group of spectators were somehow shifted forward into the middle of the river, which had taken on a raging speed of water flow. We were quickly being carried down river, and I knew that many of my people would drown if I didn’t act quickly.

I closed my eyes and morphed their blankets and beach towels into rafts. They had all gotten drenched, but were unharmed. I now knew that whoever had threatened me, was far stronger than I was with magic, and I knew it would only get worse as we surged down the river. Without another thought, I prepared myself to produce the largest amount of magic I had ever done.  I told my family to link arms, and to grab the nearest raft and tell them to link arms (and so on). When the entire community had become one large human raft chain, I closed my eyes and concentrated.

I opened my eyes weakly. I was laying on the ground, unable to stand. But I smiled at my accomplishment. I had managed to safely transport my community into a pocket dimension that I had (apparently) been working on for years, in case of a situation like this arose. It was in the form of a large, country plot of land. There was a large, two story house surrounded by a lush garden full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The house was of a very modern style: square shaped with those blue-tinted windows commonly found on business buildings. There were enough rooms for each family. There were four community kitchens and bathrooms for everyone to use.

My family and friend helped me sit up. I remember feeling very dizzy and my mouth felt like it had been filled with molasses; my words were slow and thick as I struggled to speak as I explained to them where we were and what I believed had happened. I apologized for not telling them of the danger, but they were surprisingly understanding; they also seemed to know that there was nothing they could have done to stop the danger.

I became the mediator of where each family would be staying for the foreseeable future. I spilt them as evenly as possible into four groups and jokingly named them after Hogwarts houses. (Apparently, the Harry Potter series existed in this world, as well.)

My family helped me to our own room, where I was able to lay down and rest. Then I woke up.

Dream Score: 8/10. I want to know more about the mechanics of this world and how magic is done. I feel like I was a weaker (magician/witch?) that mostly did things that involved flowers/nature/wildlife. Building this hidden safe haven was something that I had to work at. This dream played out like a rough draft of a story; I still don’t know who the villain was, why I was the only magical person in my community, how my community worked,  or how the extent of how the world of magic and modern technology worked together.  I want to know more!!!


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