The Monster Game

When I dream of monsters, it is rarely a scary experience; actually, they’re usually quite the adrenaline rush, minus the fear. Last night was no exception.

I woke up in the dream in my brother’s bedroom (which is down a guest room with two twin beds, I woke up in the one on the right, which is the one I sleep in when I visit.) It was dark and I couldn’t see much other than the vague outline of the hallway from the bedroom door. There was nothing visible in the hall, but there was a sensation of near-dread. I knew there was something there, even though I couldn’t see it. Something in me told me not to move from the bed, even though I was creeped out. Instead, I called out.


The deep darkness from the hallway seeped into the bedroom. The blackness formed into a hulking creature. It was roughly seven feet tall, its head nearly touched the ceiling. It’s body was a mix of shadows that formed into a solid, furry mass. It’s fur was as dark as the the shadows that it had once been. I couldn’t see it’s eyes, but I could see its long and sharp white teeth. He smiled down at me. (Side note: most of the monsters I encounter are decidedly male, though I have played a competitive game of hide and seek with a female harpy/vulture creature.)

“I have a game I want to play,” it said in a deep bass voice.

My fear dissipated nearly instantly, and I smiled back up at the creature. The ocean is scary,  natural disasters are scary. Monsters — even shadow ones — are not scary. In my dreams, monsters can only hurt you if they catch you. These monsters are sportsmen; they like to play games, and are actually very fair players. They give me a set of simple rules, and if I follow them and am able to avoid them for a period of time, then they go away and I am totally safe. I have yet to lose one of these games. Usually, they are well known games, like hide and seek or tag. This monster was a little different; he gave me a set of rules to play at night as a more “long-term” challenge.

Rule 1: The game was active from sunset to sunrise. As long as it was dark out, the game was going on.

Rule 2: Beds were always safe.

Rule 3: Turning on the lights was safe, but only if someone else was also awake.

Rule 4: I was not allowed to tell anyone I was playing the game, or that there was a monster in the house.

The monster camped out in the hallway. Waiting for me to slip up. I remember already facing a dilemma in the middle of the night; I really had to go to bathroom.  The monster kept teasing me as I laid in bed, jeering as he turned the bathroom faucet on and off.

The next thing I remember, I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. I was getting ready for school and it was dark out (as it often was when I got up at 5:45am to get ready before driving to high school.) I was eating cereal in the safety of the kitchen light and I could hear my dad getting ready for work in the living room. I stared at the monster chilling out in the dark hallway and cursing it silently because it was blocking the way to the bathroom, and the light switch was shrouded in the darkness. I really had to pee. We stared each other down until the dream ended.

I then woke up and (thankfully) got to use the bathroom.
Score: 5/10. Not bad, not great. At least it was a different way for my subconscious to tell me that I needed to wake up to use the bathroom. Usually I spend these kind of dreams searching for a bathroom, but never finding one.


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