The Sorting Hat, Aliens, and Pink Tractors

I had a collection of three short dreams last night. Each of them happened after I woke up and turned over before falling back asleep. None of them are remotely related to each other.

Dream 1: The first dream starts off with me staring down at my brother, who is sitting on a bench. He has the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter on his head. I can hear it muttering and mumbling to him, though I can’t make out what it is saying. Finally, it proudly states: “Ravenclaw!” I think this is a little strange, because my brother has always said he would be a Gryffindor if that world existed.sortinghat

The scene around us opens up. Instead of Hogwarts or some other magical place, we were in a large pool area, similar to one you would find in a hotel or small school. He set down the hat and we walked down the side of the pool.

“I thought you were too bone-headed for Ravenclaw!” I jokingly teased, playfully elbowing him in the shoulder. My brother didn’t think this was too funny.

“I thought you were to Snape-like to be in Hufflepuff!” he said unhappily and pushed me away. I fell into the pool next to me. The dream ended as I was grumbling about being soaking wet.

Score: 4/10. Harry Potter is cool. Being pushed into a pool is not.

Dream 2: An alien race had taken over our planet. They were far more advanced that we were; all of our planet’s weapons had been disarmed by technology that we couldn’t understand. However, these aliens were not exactly a violent species, they were a species of academics. Though they had disarmed us and had essentially “taken over,” they insisted that their control was only temporary as they wanted to collect data on our planet.hybrid1

The downside of this was that they wanted to collects some specimens to keep for studying and to take with them. Overall, humanity accepted this; sacrificing the few to save the many. Unfortunately, I was one of these few that would be sacrificed to save the many. Being a specimen was some sort of false “honorific” title; I was treated like a queen by my fellow man.

The alien that was doing tests on me was quiet and focused on the tasks at hand. Like the rest of his species; he was tall (7 feet-ish) with grey skin and eyes. His facial features were identical to a human’s; two eyes, a nose, mouth, and ears.

He drew my blood and poked and prodded me with needles. Some of it was actually painful, especially in my feet. Despite my anger and embarrassment, I attempted to converse with this being. He was not very talkative, but seemed eager to listen to what I had to say; like he was fascinated that I had a level of intelligence. He knew English and even spoke it, but when he did it was thick and scratchy, like he was not used to using his vocal chords.

As they promised, the alien species began leaving Earth. As a specimen, though, I was forced to go with them for further data and experimentation. I walked with the alien to the ship, despite my feet still hurting. I noticed that many of my fellow humans were being loaded onto the ships in cages or were restrained. Many other aliens stared at me as I obediently followed the alien like a puppy. I didn’t like what was happening, but I was happy to not be trapped in a cage by simply being cooperant.

I think that’s what humans were viewed as: animals. They were treated like testing animals in a lab. I was lucky to be more like a house pet — treated with care, but little respect. These other aliens scoffed at me, but my alien simply rolled his eyes and swerved me through the crowd by the shoulder.

I asked a million questions are we approached one of the ships. Where was their home planet? How long would it take to get there?

He quietly spouted off a bunch of numbers and foreign units, trying not to attract any more attention than we were already receiving. I did not understand a single thing he had said and I stared at him blankly. I decided to ask more simple questions.

“How long does your kind live?”

“Far longer than humans.”

“How old are you, then?”

The alien actually stopped, looking perplexed. He did not seem to understand the concept of age. I stuttered out something about years measuring age — realizing half-way through that I was now using a measuring system that he didn’t understand.  He made an expression of annoyance and grasped my head with his hand. The palm of this hand encased the entire front portion of my skull.

The scenery around me disappeared, replaced by a visual of Earth from space. In high speed, I saw the planet circle the sun to equal one year. (I realized I was watching my own visual breakdown of how I understood time.) One rotation was 365 days, each day was 24 hours, each hour was 60 minutes…and so on. The alien was learning the basics of Earth time in a few seconds.

“I would be 502 years old by your understanding,” he said dryly. “It also takes three weeks to reach my planet from here… I wonder if humans are capable of learning the proper methods of measuring the universe,” he pondered quietly.

“We have scientists and mathematicians that can probably understand it,” I said. “Not me though; I’m one of the dumber ones,”

Again, the alien rolled his eyes and pulled me along. I woke up because my right foot was actually hurting, especially my pinky toe. I must have been sleeping on it wrong. Ouch.

Dream Score: 5/10. A new take on aliens… but I don’t want to be a pet or an experiment.

Dream 3: I drove a pink tractor to work.  All of my co-workers wanted a ride on this giant pink tractor. So, they all piled on and I drove from one side of the warehouse to the other. The end.pink_tractor_by_euphoriaofart-d6iog71

Score: 11/10. Who wouldn’t love a dream about driving a pink tractor to work?  

It’s weird that I have been having a lot of alien dreams. I’m used to having Harry Potter elements thrown into my dreams, as it was a huge part of my childhood. I’ve never been very interested in space and UFOs, though I do believe that we can’t be the only intelligent life in all of the universe. Why so many aliens?


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