Preschool vs Adulthood

Last’s night’s dream started off in a basement apartment. It had no windows, but a large living room, two bedrooms, and small kitchen, and a bathroom. I was roommates with two guys that I spent I had spent my first decade of life with. (In reality, KM and W were my preschool and early elementary school friends. We did nearly everything together. However, I have not spoken to either of them since middle school, so having them feature so strongly in my dream is odd.)

We lived together in this apartment. KM had his own room and I shared a room with W. There was nothing other than a platonic relationship between us. We were essentially twins, (in reality, we share a birthday, including the year. We even looked enough alike as children to possibly be related) that shared a room.

The whole scene played out like a sitcom. I could actually hear a laugh track when KM said something funny or I did something clumsy. We all had service jobs (I did something in warehousing, KM worked in a cafe, and W did something with computers) until we found better career options. I think we also lived in a city, though I never saw outside our windowless apartment.

At some point, I half-realized that I was dreaming. I had figured out that something wasn’t adding up. I felt like these guys were not supposed to be part of my life, that I was supposed to have a completely different life with someone else, but I didn’t figure out I was dreaming right away. I just remained cautious of the world around me. I began probing the guys with questions, as I couldn’t remember any interactions between us since elementary school.  They looked at me, worried, but they could not give detailed answers about the life we had all supposedly lead up to that point.

They ask me what I remember and I tell them.

“Those were fun times…” one of them says.

“Yeah…” I agreed.

Then, the dream does a complete 180 degrees, and I’m suddenly about four years old. I’m with KM and W, who are now also young children. We were outside on a playground with other children, obviously back in preschool. Though we were children, I still had my adult mind…but I don’t believe they did. We were on this grassy hill, chasing each other when one of them had this child-imagination based idea that we should find the Joker from Batman and defeat them. I rolled my eyes, but played along, because hunting down villains that don’t exist seemed like innocent fun.

Unfortunately, because it’s a dream, anything can exist. So, eventually we did find the Joker, and that was not a good thing. We went from hunting to being hunted, and we were separated. As we fled, I began to panic. There was a positive to this panic, as the more upset I became, the more the world became less and less realistic. I finally ran into what I call my “Inception Token,” a fictional character that could never exist in our world, this triggered the realization that I was dreaming. With a sigh of relief, I hugged him tightly and briefly rested my head on his chest, seeking comfort and time to recover from the stress. There was still the sinking sensation that I was still being chased.

“We should probably find you someplace to lay low,” he suggested, pushing me away (he’s not a touchy-feely person.) We searched around the rapidly changing scenery; things shifted and morphed around us, making it hard to find a solid scene.

Finally, we were able to find a western-style bar that was relatively untouched by the swirling scenery. When we walked in, I quickly ran to a corner which held a wall shelf and an old fashion phone, and I knew that a pocket space was there (you can find a description of these spaces in my other dream here.) I rapped on several of the knick knacks in a seemingly random order and lightly pulled the phone’s receiver downward, which caused the floor beneath us to slowly sink into the hidden pocket.

The rest of the dream consists of laying low until I woke up. By “laying low,” I mean exploring where this pocket space lead to. I ended the dream in a large mechanic’s garage that was filled with car parts, which was one of the places that the pocket lead to.


Score: 6/10. It was interesting to dream about people I haven’t seen in over a decade. It was fun to open and explore the exits of the pocket scape (as it always is!) and it’s nice to see my inspection token, as it always triggers the realization that I am dreaming.  I docked points because the dream was a little too nonsensical for me.


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