Wondering Wednesday: Did I Astral Project?

I often have moments while sleeping that are like astral projection. I cannot move much, but I’ll find myself floating above my bed. I cannot see my body beneath me because I am on my back, but I know it’s there and I usually see the lumped outline of my fiance’s legs under the covers next to me. Usually at this point, I’ll use all my energy to force to sink into the bed, and return to dreaming.

I was going through some old notebook of mine that I have had since college. On one page, I found a recording of a dream that I had that was real enough to the point that I wonder if I actually had left my body. Note: at this time, I had been studying astral projection, including “focusing” my mind before bed in hopes of achieving this experience.

“ This morning I had a dream that I left my body. It was early morning, I could see the sun starting to rise. I saw my body still in my bed, but I ignored it, knowing I might have limited time to explore outside of my body.

I went to the window and made the motions of opening it, though it didn’t appear to open, I jumped through it as though it had. I landed in the bushes outside of my dorm, noticing my legs went right through them. I wondered if I could fly while outside of my body, so I leapt into the air.

I soared over campus and into the clouds above me, knowing that I wanted to see if I could find R. (My now fiance.) I moved as fast as a plane through the clouds, not descending until I reached East —.

I just knew I had reached —– campus, and zoomed towards the ground. I saw handfuls of students in their hats and gloves, walking in the chilly weather to their 8am classes. I floated through them, not recognizing any of them. They did not see me as I weaved through them, though one girl actually seemed to follow me with her eyes for a second before staring straight ahead again. She had dark hair and wore a red or pink knit hat.

I flew towards R’s dorms. Despite the dorm being several stories high, with several rooms on each floor, I instinctively knew which window was his. Like with my window, I “opened” his and floated through it.

After that, I remember nothing until I woke up.”

I had called R later that day and told him about my dream. He said that he also had a dream about me. In his dream, I flew into his dorm room through his window, where we then spent most of the time hugging and kissing — like any other long-distance couple when they are reunited.

Did I leave my body and travel to another college campus to see my boyfriend? Did I somehow connect with him on some wavelength and actually enter his dream? Is it all a really weird coincidence combined with my desire to experience astral projection? After all, I had physically been to visit him in his dorm before, so I knew where he lived. It’s just strange that we both had coinciding dreams around the same time in the morning (both of us slept in because we didn’t have early morning classes that day.)

Real or not, this event and other small events involving unexplainable thing (which I can talk about if anyone is interested) have lead my logically-minded, science-driven fiance to actually admit that I may have “an ability.” He is not one for believing in paranormal happenings, so for him to acknowledge my “weirdness” (which he always says endearingly) is really impressive.


Dream Score: I can’t actually score this dream, because I don’t actually know if it was a dream or not.


4 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesday: Did I Astral Project?

  1. Hello Greypandora,

    Now that is an interesting coincidence, I also wonder if it is possible that you have some kind of special ability (if only we had some video or something of what was going outside when you had this experience/dream to see if the details that you saw lined up with the video footage), and I am curious about your other small events involving unexplainable things.

    Thank you for sharing your dream/experience,
    -John Jr


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