Meeting a Dead Celebrity

From Die Hard to Dogma, to Sweeney Todd and the Harry Potter series, Alan Rickman has been one of my favorite actor since I was in elementary school. He always played very intriguing rolls and had exceeding talent. I was devastated, as most fans were, to hear about his death last year. He was one of those famous people that I had wanted to meet, it’s sad knowing that there is no chance of that now.

That being said, I had a dream that I met the deceased actor. It was such an odd clash of weird realization vs the nonsensical structure of dreams that I just had to share it.

The dream started off in a large movie theater. It was dark and the movie was just about to begin. I was sitting near the back of the full theater. The move came on, and I was unable to pay attention to it. I honestly never even looked at the screen’ it just sat there in boredom, just watching the dark outlines of the people in the theater.

I see someone get up for their seat and swiftly left the the room. They walked with such an air of purpose, that I knew they were leaving for good, so I shrugged and decided to follow them out — I wasn’t watching the movie.

Right outside of the theater was a large workshop. Shelves full of knick-knacks and large wooden benches where large groups of people could sit. It reminded me of a shop class. There were some people at various benches either woodworking or typing away on their laptops.

In the far corner, there was Alan Rickman, casually reading a magazine. I first thought was “Oh, jeez, this is a guy I have always wanted to meet!” At this point my brain had not remembered that he had died, but I had this sensation of sadness that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint.

I casually tried to walk past him while working up the nerve to say something. I awkwardly paused near him, cringing at my lack of tact.

“You can sit down…” he said, looking up from his magazine.

Embarrassed, I sat down in the empty chair closest to me. He stared at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something.

“Wow!” I remember thinking, “I was never going to have this chance, but now I do,”  I waking brain caught up with my dream, and this thought became the lightbulb of realization that Alan Rickman was dead and I was dreaming.

“…You’re dead,” I deadpanned.

“Yes. I know,” he answered with equal directness.

“Well, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your work and that I admire your talent,”

“That’s very kind of you, thank you,”  he said with a smile.

Then bam, instant consciousness. It’s one of those moments that you wake up so quickly that it feels like mental whiplash. I think someone must have slammed their car door in the parking lot to wake me up so suddenly. Despite the sudden wake up, I felt pretty good. Hey, my subconscious gave me the chance to meet to one of my favorite actors, that’s kinda cool.

This actually isn’t the only time I’ve had a dream like this; I actually had a similar experience with the actor, Robin Williams, but I’ll save that one for another time.
Score: 7/10. I’m sorry he’s dead, and the encounter was created for my mind, but it was still kinda nice.   


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