Old Man Logan…with Some Different Casting!

So, you’ve probably seen the trailer for the last of the Wolverine movies (well, at least the ones with Hugh Jackman.)  Whether you’re pumped or preparing to be disappointed by “Logan”, you know that this movie is going to be the closing of an era.

I have been hesitant about this movie; I want to be excited, but I have been burn by the Wolverine movies before, buuuut…I also am enough of a mindless comic book fan to go an see it anyways. I’ve seen the trailer and am hoping for the best, but I’m not chomping at the bit to see it, either.

Apparently my subconscious had something to say about the upcoming movie, because it made its own version of “Logan:” featuring a 70-year-old version of Hugh Jackman; X-23, played by Amanda Cosgrove at the age she was in “Drake and Josh,” and Sir Ian Mckellen as Magneto; (because somehow Patrick Stewart as Xavier is too boring?) and me, because it’s my dream and I wanted to have superpowers too, dammit! In the dream, they weren’t just actors, they were the characters, which was pretty neat.

The dream starts off with me, being a teacher at my old elementary school. (Ugh, I hate the idea of teaching.) I was teaching the older kids in the 4th & 5th grade hallway, when the power went out and everything turned to chaos. There was some sort of entity attacking the school (something nondescript that I actually never saw, so insert giant generic monster here.) I leapt at one of the kids to push them out of the way from falling debris, only to have the child scream at me as I had mutated into some hairy monster.

I essentially became a lame version of Beast: a non-super intelligent, fur-covered mutant, with less strength, less agility, and worse heightened-senses than Henry McCoy. No super cool telekinetic powers for me. However, my lack of awesomeness did not stop my students from fearing me more than the giant monster attacking us.

The scene changes, and I’m now in hiding. I was traveling undercover with Wolverine, Magneto, and X-23. Apparently, even lame mutant powers were nearly impossible to come by in this future world where mutant powers were near extinction. I was sinking into a depression; a life of hiding and leaving my entire family behind without a word was taking a toll on me. I even voiced my upset about not being able to marry my fiance.

I was still emotionally upset as I began cooking food for us to eat over an old stove in the abandoned building we were staying in. (They must have all been terrible cooks, because having a hirsute person prep food for everyone would be less than hygienic, now that I think about it.)  Magneto was actually the more sympathetic one towards my plight than Wolverine, and we developed a friendship.

The dream then becomes a blur of snippets where Wolverine is teaching me to fight, where I’m trying to be like an older sister to X-23, and moments when Magneto and I would have thoughtful conversations. All this was played out in a way that it mimicked a crappy movie montage.

The blur ends and we are in another abandoned building, this time it outlooks the large bay that leads to the ocean. At this point, I am more accepting of my situation, but there is now a thick air of apprehension, like we are actively running from someone.

I was admiring the reflection of the setting sun off of the water, when I heard the smashing of a window on one of the lower floors. I climb up to one of the rafters to hide (like a courageous  superhero. I watched from the sidelines as an epic battle unfolded between the my group and army/government agents. I was subjected to friendly fire as Magneto dismantled the iron beam I was hiding on to chuck it at the intruders. I fell several floors, hitting the ground hard.

Other than sight and sound, I don’t experience many other senses in my dreams, but this time I tasted blood in my mouth. I couldn’t feel any pain, but I knew I was bleeding internally. On an adrenaline rush, I was able to pull myself up and take out a female agent by kicking her in the jaw (which made a brilliant snapping sound, I might add.)

Then everything went dark and I woke up. The end. I guess I died?
Score: 6/10. Love Hugh Jackman, love Ian Mckellen so that part was awesome. I didn’t have great superpowers though — I mean, at least Beast is badass, I was more like his lame cousin or something. Then again, this was the most “realistic”  version of myself with powers. I’ve had dreams where I was near god-like with power, this time I had very subdued powers and I wasn’t some courageous hero, I was flawed and scared, which is interesting. Also, I must have famous actors on the brain.


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