Fever Dreams

I was not sick last night, but I was overly warm and someone’s car alarm kept doing off in the middle of the night, so my sleep was light and fretful. I was caught between wanting to turn the fan on in the middle of winter and taking my shovel to that stupid car.  This caused a few short, nonsensical dreams.

Dream 1: I was attending some school or training in a large, nearly empty building. All of the students got to pick a pet. Some people had dogs or cats, a few had some rabbits. By the time I was able to pick out a pet, the old man handing them out said that there were only snakes left. I have absolutely no fear of snakes, but they would not be my top pick as an animal companion. I frowned, but didn’t complain.

The old man opens up this wooden chest and it is filled with snakes. Again, I’m not grossed out or scared by this, just concerned that all of those snakes were crammed into one box. Knowing I have no other choice but to chooses a snake, I step forward to pick up a small, Scarlet King snake, (red touches black: safe for Jack) but it slithers away from my hand. Instead, this large (I’m talking about 7 ft long and about 12” circumference!), black snake leaps out at me and coils around my arm. The old man said that this snake picked me, and that I was such a lucky girl for having such a lucrative creature wanting to be my companion. I was not scared, just annoyed that I wasn’t going to get exactly want I wanted, but this snake seemed happy enough to be with me.

Then that damn car alarm went off.

Dream Score: 5/10. This one gets such a high score, because when I researched black snakes in dreams, they usually are deemed as bad omens shrouded in fear and inner turmoil. However, I was not scared in this dream. I did not fear the snake, nor did it threaten me, which seems to be the most common with this dream symbol. I could not find much…the closest thing I found was on an Islamic dream page: “Possession a snake in such a manner that he does not feel any fright is suggestive of wielding power and owning vast lands and properties. The greater the snake the greater the lands and properties. Such a snake does not symbolize an enemy.” I mean, that is pretty cool, so I’ll give it a neutral score.


Dream 2: I was at an anime convention. I have been to several comic conventions, but never to a strictly anime one, so I am familiar with the general layout. I’m not the biggest fan of anime, so I’m surprised that my dream started off in this type of convention. I was dressed in a long pink wig and poofy dress, obviously cosplaying some anime character. (If I had to guess, I was Sailor Mini Moon, but I only came to that conclusion after I spent ten minutes looking up cosplay possibilities.)

Anyways, I come across a friend I haven’t seen in a few years. He’s really excited to see me, and tells me how much he adores my dress. He tells me there is a room that is holding a screening of a new anime movie, and asks if I would like to join him. I agreed and followed him there.

When we reach the room, right away something feels off. I have absolutely no desire to enter the room. While the room has those indoor viewing windows, they are covered up with posters and construction paper so you can’t see inside. Ominous sounds echo from the room, and while the view is blocked, I note that there is no light coming from the supposed movie between the cracks of paper. I tell my friend that I wasn’t comfortable going in. He just laughs and assures me that the movie isn’t a scary one, and ushers me in.

I take one step in the impossibly dark room and fall straight down, my friend is falling right behind me. We are shooting down a large piping system full of murky water. We finally land on cobblestone. We are now in some kind of old barn made of stone and wood roofing. There is a man bailing hay to some pigs in the barn. He looks a bit surprised, (but not shocked, like perhaps that people falling into his barn via a disappearing tube only happened on rare occurrences, but was not unheard of.) I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he ended up leading us out of his barn to find someone that could help us.

At this point, I was magically back in my street clothes, but this hardly mattered because my friend and I both stuck out amongst the medieval village around us. People stared at us with curiosity, but were not fearful of us. Dream ends here.

This time I woke up far too warm.

Score: 4/10. Ehhh. Choppy, no fun analysis…A meh score for a meh dream.


Dream 3: Gahhh!! I know I had another dream, but I just cannot remember it as I sit here trying to write it up. This happens every once in awhile. Boo.
Score: 0/10. That sucks. Plus that car alarm went off again.


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