Think-Back Tuesday: An Office Job on Elm Street

I know, two posts in one day? Awesome, right?! Well, while I was annoyed that I couldn’t remember one of my dreams last night, I remembered an odd dream I once had that still makes me chuckle a little.

This dream happened all the way back in 2010, after the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot came to theaters. I went and saw it with a friend; I was not impressed, but my friend was scared by it as she frightens easily. After the movie we had a discussion about which horror movie villain we were most scared of. She said Freddy Kruger was the scariest, I disagreed, saying that Chucky was far worse (I’m not fond of dolls at all!) I’m not sure exactly when the dream took place after this conversation, but I know it was within a year.

In the dream, I walking around this town full of people, just going about my business. I was about to walk into a building when I felt a chill down my back. The scene around me didn’t exactly change, but it did get darker. The world around me felt heavier. I looked around at the crowds of people, only to catch sight of a person who did not belong in this setting. From his rusty claw glove, to his iconic fedora, Freddy Krueger stood at the top of a set of steps that lead to a higher street.

I knew I was dreaming — where else would Freddy show up? At this point, I had experienced lucid dreaming a couple of times. With this new awareness and the moxy of a teen, I stood my ground. I could control my dreams, this creep wasn’t going to kill me without a fight.

Everyone around us froze in place. We stared each other down like an old western movie. Hell, even a gun appeared in my hand when I willed it to.

“…I have better ways to spend my time,” his voice echoed through the silent town. I raised an eyebrow but nodded, hoping he would just move along and out of my dream. He shrugged and walked away. With a sigh of relief, I returned to walking into the building.

“Though I could use your talent,” his creepy voice whispered from behind me. Everything went white.

I’m now in a new scene. I was in a large room designed similarly to a study, I know a good chunk of time had passed since the last part of my dream. I am alone, typing away at a typewriter, recording what just popped into my mind. The ink was a multitude of colors, each line held a name. Some names were in blue, others in red, and some in green. I would pause over each name and mark a select few, then feed the paper to a machine that recorded them in some way.

I was right in the middle of manually marking a check next to a green name when the only door in the room opened. Freddy Krueger walks in, looking tired. He grumbled to himself, though I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“You are aware you have a 4am appointment with (name I don’t remember?)”

He gave me a look that told me he didn’t remember.

“I can reschedule it for you,’ I said, holding my hand out to the machine where a paper popped out with the name of that person. “But, just so you know, I’ll have to wake up soon, so I won’t be able to finish today’s basic work if I do…”

“No, no. I’ll do it tonight. Is this my final visit with (person’s name?)” I didn’t like the way he said that, it made me cringe inside, but I remained clam as ever.

“Nope, not tonight. So don’t jump the gun on this one, otherwise you’ll mess up my list.”

“Fine, alright,’ he growled. “Have a goodnight, or morning or whatever!” he said before walking back out the door to haunt another teen.

“Good morning…” I answered back. “…grump,” I muttered under my breath when the door had shut behind him. I remained that desk until I woke up.


Dream Score: 6/10. Haaaaa. This dream still make me smile; apparently the man who hunts teenagers in their nightmares needs a system to keep things running smoothly…every villain/monster should have a secretary for those kind of things. I hope he paid well! Also, he didn’t kill me, which is nice too.


One thought on “Think-Back Tuesday: An Office Job on Elm Street

  1. Hello Pandora,

    Thank you for sharing this lucid dream, Freddy is lucky that you did not kill him, and I am surprised by how stable your lucid dream was.

    I hope to have a lucid dream again one day soon, maybe tonight. 😉

    -John Jr


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