Wondering Wednesday: My Weirdness

Last week, I made my first “Wondering Wednesday” post, which I’ll be using for strange stories, interesting moments, and musings that I may have. They may or may not involve dreams.

My last WW post was about a possible out of body experience. Today, I’ll talk about weird little quirks that have partially convinced my fiance that I may have an ability or (as he calls it) a “weirdness.”

  1. We were at the grocery store before going to a small get together. We were told that there would be a total of four people. As a Christmas gift, I wanted to get everyone who would be there a chocolate Santa. I picked out four chocolates and we walked away. Before we got in line I said “I should get two more,” and rushed back to the chocolates and grabbed them. He asked what I was going to do with the extra and I shrugged. I just felt that we needed them. We get to the party, and sure enough, two extra people showed up at last minute due to a change of plans. My fiance watched in confusion as I happily handed everyone in the room a chocolate Santa.
  2. .My fiance’s cousin was having a baby. She had not told us the name or the gender of her baby. I told him it was a boy, and that every time I thought about it, I thought of names starting with a C and also having a B in it — Colby, Corbin…Caleb. (She had a boy and he was named Caleb.)
  3. He also says it’s just a buildup of very little things, like picking up my phone just before it rings, knowing exactly what he was thinking and answering his internal questions/thought aloud.
  4. I think the thing that freak him out the most though, was the early morning that I woke him up, crying. I was not fully awake when he asked what was wrong, because I don’t remember this. He asked what was wrong and I said “something something died…” and fell back asleep. The next morning, we woke up to the news that one of my favorite actors, Gene Wilder, died. I didn’t cry at the news, and said that I felt oddly at peace. He couldn’t help but put the two events together.


Yeah, I know these all have a reasonable explanation, all can be summed up as coincidental. These may seem so small, so insignificant that — other than some of my dreams — I would never consider myself anything other than completely ordinary, but these small things have built up in the eyes of my fiance that he entertains the idea that things may not always be explained through logic. When I asked him for clarification, he said that while each incident could easily be explained by logic, he claimed that in was the sheer number of odd coincidences that surrounded me that made him wonder if there was something more to it.  



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