Think-Back Tuesday: Let’s Get Meta!

I stumbled across another old dream journal entry — one of the few I actually ever wrote down. This one was one lined paper, folded into the pocket of a journal that I mostly used for short stories. I must have gotten rid of the notebook the entry had been in, but had still wanted to preserve the memory. I even dated it! (The only thing edited are spelling/punctuation mistakes.)



I have to write down this dream, or rather, this sequence of dreams involving communication with my deeper consciousness.

I don’t remember when I had my first dream; it was sometime either before the semester started, or when I visited home back in October.

I remember the scene was set up for a huge battle in “The Lord of the Rings.” I was unarmed and fearful of the charging (orcs, trolls, goblins?) I suddenly jumped into my lucid dreaming mindset (I had realized that I was asleep.) I closed my eyes and concentrated hard; my head felt like it was cracking open from the pain. The monsters ceased their advances and began to writhe in pain. They grabbed their heads and clawed at their faces as though desperately trying to release some kind of compression on their brains.

Suddenly, everything froze; my teammates, the monsters, even the wind stopped moving.  I opened my eyes, realizing that I had fallen on my knees due to to the pain in my head. I felt someone pick me up and stand me on my feet.

I found myself face to face with Gandalf. I was still feeling dizzy and he kept repeating my name while he talked, but I was too disoriented to understand him. As my brain cleared, the first thing I said to him was:

“Heh… You’re Ian McKellen.”

He gave me an odd look, but laughed and said something like:

“No, my dear, I am you, or at least a part of you. I am your subconscious.”

I was now very confused. Gandalf just shook his head and lightly took my arm. We walked past all the frozen people. He pointed at the monsters.

“As you can see, this is your dream, and like most people, you suffer from grandiose while you sleep. You are “the Chosen One,” the one who holds the power in your dreams. You can kill these pitiful creatures through mere thought…Which, I believe, it would be beast to release your torture on them. They are, after all, just your inner demons. Be kind to yourself. “

I released my “hold” on them and even though they were still frozen, their expressions eased.

Gandalf and I continued to walk side by side through the grassy hills.

“So if you’re my subconscious…why do you look like Gandalf of all people?”

“I had to pick a form you would recognize, yet have no emotional attachment to. I’m sure you would rather me be someone you admire more?”

I nodded.

“It could also be the fact that you saw that movie trailer for “The Hobbit” the other day.”


Dream Score: Tolkien /10. Why Gandalf? Why Ian McKellen? Why “the Lord of the Rings” setup? Why not?!
So, this dream took place around the same time that this  one did. And just a few months before I experienced possible astral projection.  2012 was apparently a very big year for me when it came to dreams. There is more to this entry, but I’ll put them in future posts. This was my first recorded meta dream — similar, yet totally different to Escaping the Id.


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