Wondering Wednesday: Things that Disappear

Have you ever misplaced or lost something then found it in the most unlikely of places?

Last week, I misplaced an old picture that my aunt gave me. It was a picture of myself at roughly two years old.  I found it randomly in the back my makeup drawer today. How did it get there?! Those two things do not correlate at all.

This weird discovery reminded me of this one time when I was about seven. I was getting ready to go out to the bus stop, but I couldn’t find one of my pink gloves. My mom and I looked everywhere for that glove. It was nowhere to be found. Finally, running out of time, my mom gave me a different pair of glove to wear outside. Being little, my mother went with me outside to wait for the bus. I get on the bus and head to school and my mother returns inside to find the missing glove laying right in the middle of the floor. There is no way both of us would have missed it. It was weird enough that my mom still brings that story up on occasion.

Have you ever found something that had gone missing, and its new location confused/unsettled you? I’d love to hear your stories!



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