All My Friends from High School are Pregnant: A Bizarre Dream

So, at the age of 24, it is no surprise that some of the people I knew from high school and college are starting families, but damn does it scare me. Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy for them, I just get the creepy-crawlies about having a child. I can hardly take care of myself, let alone an infant. So, when I see another person that I know announce their pregnancy on Facebook, I shiver in fear, because that could be me and I would not be able to handle it.

Recently, this girl I went to college with (though I was not close to her) announced that she was having a baby, which added to the slowly growing list of people my age becoming parents. That announcement shot my subconscious mind into a radical dream of the entire idea of pregnancy.

The dream starts off as some sort of school reunion, as everyone there is someone I knew before college. All of the girls that I was friends with at the time sported huge, pregnant bellies. (To my knowledge, none of them are actually pregnant.) All of them were expecting, with the exception of me. They were all happily discussing baby names and future plans, while I awkwardly sat in the corner, trying to avoid the conversation. I felt like an alien in a group of people I used to be close to.

The reunion/ meeting ended, and I walked out to the parking lot. As I got to my car, I heard a scream nearby. I run to go check it out. In an empty parking space, right next to her car, a girl I knew (but was not particularly close to) was going into labor.  I woke up just as I was internally debating whether I should rush to her aid, or run away and find her some help.

Dream Score: 1/10. A very real situation that had been blown to epic proportions. Maybe one day I’ll feel more comfortable with the idea of a baby, maybe I won’t, but hopefully I’ll be able to get over the sensation of fear and disgust at the idea of people I know having children.


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