Think-Back Tuesday: Returning Home in Fuzzy Socks

This is the first “weird dream” I remember having as a young teen. At least, it was the first one I remember telling others about. I was about thirteen when this dream took place.

It was me in the future, (for thirteen year old me, this meant I was about the age I am now) and I was driving down the dirt road towards my parents house. My car was a cartoonish clunker. It appeared to be a topless Jeep that was so broken down that it more resembled the skeleton of a Tin Lizzy. I was poor; my clothing looked ragged and dirty, and I had no shoes — only a pair of fuzzy socks.

I finally pulled up to the driveway and my car makes a wheezing sound as it shuts down. I knew I had not been home in years. I had estranged myself from my family, and had only returned to attend my father’s funeral. I was not overly morose about my own dad’s death. In fact, I was hoping to take all his old hockey equipment and sell it.

I also hadn’t spoken to my mother in years, because we spoke to each other like acquaintances rather than family. I told her I was sorry for her loss, and talked about how my life was going (not well.) I then asked her how my brother was doing.

“Oh, [brother]? He’s in Kindergarten.”

“Oh, he’s teaching Kindergarten?” I clarified, thinking I misheard her.

“No,” my mother corrected. “He’s in Kindergarten.”

Just as she says this, the school bus pulled up to the bus stop at the end of our road. I watch in mild horror as I watch my now fully-grown brother walk off the bus with a bunch of five-year-olds. He was tall, gangly, and had dyed his hair (and facial hair) a vivid red. My brother had been demoted to and forced to repeat Kindergarten every year.

-The End-


Dream Score: 4/10.  An alternate reality where I am poor and estranged from my family, my dad is dead, I have little sympathy for others, and my brother is a messed-up man-child who couldn’t handle grade school. It only gets this many points because my family will still bring it up from time to time, and we laugh about it.


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