Wondering Wednesday: Suddenly Becoming Fearful

I just realized something: I developed a fear of falling at some point in my teens. As a kid, I would climb trees, zoom down steep hills on my bike, and jump off of high places with ease. I have never been seriously injured from any of these activities, the worst being a sprained ankle (which is common for me, as I have weak ankles and injure them very easily.) However, for some reason, I suddenly developed a fear of falling and injuring myself at some point in late middle school/ high school.  I remember doing a ropes course as a kid, but now I can’t even climb a rock wall without sweating bullets. I have no idea what the trigger was. Maybe it was hearing horror stories of other kids dying from falling, or an event that was small enough to forget, but impactful enough to plant seeds of fear in my mind.

Has anyone else developed a fear without a discernible cause or event that lead to the change? I’d love to know.


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