The Roommates

My fiance and I are going to be moving apartments soon, and I am throwing out crap, donating more crap, and trying to figure out where to place everything once we move in. It has been a big part of my waking time.

Last night, I only got about three hours of restless sleep, but I did manage to have to short dreams that involved around our new apartment. The second dream is a continuation of the first.

Dream 1: I wake up on the couch on the lower floor of our new townhouse loft. Everything was roughly in the same place as the apartment, including the layout of the furniture that I have been planning to set up. However, the bottom floor was quite a bit bigger and the kitchen island was longer and was a parallel to the kitchen counter rather than horizontal. The other major difference was that there were about four of five doors on the bottom floor that lead to unknown bedrooms (in reality there is only one, loft bedroom.) I shot out of my seat when I heard someone walking through the front door.

I look up to see two of my coworkers; the PA manager and our model photographer. I relaxed, I knew they were here to shoot some of our company’s products in a home setting, and I allowed them to use my place. I ran to the kitchen and started up some coffee for them, since it was early in the morning. I then opened one of our closets to find a packet of light bulbs that they also needed to shoot (for some reason…) They then both went upstairs to the loft to take pictures because it had the best lighting.

Just as I was about to sit back down on the couch, there was banging on the door. Before I could reach it. One of the dream doors opened and a man about my age ran to the front door.  He had dark hair, pale skin, a small goatee, and he wore a dark sweater and beanie. At first. I was confused, but then I remembered that he was one of many roommates that I had. The person kept banging on the door. I didn’t know who it was, but I knew that they were bad news. I tried to stop my roommate from opening it, but he did anyways.

Two people bust through the door; a man and a woman, both dressed in a mashed style of punk and biker. They were asking about about a girl named Jessica. At the mention of her name, I knew she was one of my other roommates, but I also knew she wasn’t home. The punk girl kept talking about some clothing that Jessica said she could borrow — and that she was going to take them, whether Jessica was there or not. I tried to keep everyone calm and quiet, as my co workers were still upstairs shooting photos. Three of my other dream roommates (two guys and a girl) had come out of their rooms, and now approached the pair. We insisted that they come back when Jessica was home, because we had no say over her possessions. This made them angry, and they started raising their voices and getting hostile. I bit my lip and glanced up the stairs, not wanted to embarrass myself in front of the people I worked with. I shared some desperate looks at my roommates and they nodded back.

Annoyed, and wanting to shut these people up, I raised a hand towards them. I moved my wrist in a circular motion and my roommates did the same. We all quietly chanted three words (they were gibberish and I cannot remember them, however, they were all two syllables and in an iambic rhythm.  The two strangers slumped to the floor, asleep, as two of my roommates grabbed them before they hit their heads. I looked back upstairs — I could hear the clicking of the camera and flashes of light — my co workers hadn’t heard the commotion, nor had they seen what we did. I thanked my roommates.

I woke up, and then fell back asleep.


Dream 2: I’m back in the dream version of our new townhouse, except I wasn’t myself, I was Jessica, or at least seeing things from her point of view. Jessica…did not look human. She was small with blue skin and off-white hair, and wore a blue dress. Her appearance was nearly identical to Steven Universe’s Sapphire, only she had two eyes, and (as far as I know) no gem.  sapphireredone

She was up in the loft, and looking down at the living room from the half wall. She could just see down into part the kitchen when she craned her neck. There was an argument downstairs near the kitchen island. The roommate with the beanie and the other female roommate were arguing with a strange man in a suit. She did not know the man’s name, but she did know that Beanie had borrowed money from him. Unfortunately, the man’s interest rates were ridiculously high, and Beanie couldn’t pay it all off.  Her roommate may have been stupid, but she didn’t think that the man was being fair. Just as she was about walk away, the man pulled a knife out on her roommates. Enraged, Jessica jumped over the wall and floated down at the man. He did not see her coming.

Instead of landing on him, Jessica opened her mouth — which expanded to a size that even Kirby would be impressed with — and swallowed him whole.  They all heard the man scream, his voice fading as though he was falling down a deep well.  Jessica felt hi


m hit the ground from within her.

“He’s lucky,” Jessica said to her roommates. “That portal opened to the the Empty World, and not the Lava Pit.”

I woke up just after Jessica spoke and was unable to sleep the rest of the night.

Dream Score: 7/10.  A weird house that could rival Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It would be cool to have hypnotic powers and a roommate that has a stomach that leads to alternate dimensions. Another thing to note is the fact that her name stood out. I hardly remember names in reality, so it’s really rare for me to remember the names of people that I dream about (then again, I also have a cousin by that name.) I also find it interesting when I dream I am another person.



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