Trust me, I’m trying to help!

Another stage performance dream. This time, I actually knew what was happening and I was performing pretty well. I was with dozens of other people that were singing the opening song to Wicked. I was one of the many citizens in the scene and was waiting for my cue to come out from behind one of the prop doors in the last quarter of the song.  I was just about to move forward when one of the major male characters pulled me out on stage and spun me in a dancing motion, making it look intentional to the production, but it threw me off completely. Throughout the rest of the song, I was pushed in a dancing motion by this lead, but despite being fearful of this change, I kept singing. I wasn’t able to get a decent look at this lead throughout the song, I was spinning too fast.

Then the curtains closed and the audience roared with applause. Dizzy and annoyed, I gripped the sleeve of the person.

“What the hell is your problem?” I scoffed, and suddenly turned bright red.

Neil Patrick Harris was the one who was spinning me around stage. I had no idea that a well-known actor was in our production.

“You were doing it wrong, I was just showing you the right way to perform.”

“That…doesn’t give you the right to bump me around the stage mid-song. I don’t care who you are,” I finished with a growl before waking up.


Score: 4/10. I actually enjoy Harris’ performances in most shows/movies (especially in the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series!) I have nothing against the actor at all…so why was he featuring in such a negative light in my dream? Also, why am I having so many celebrity dreams; they are usually rare occurrences. Ah, well…still annoyed by the dream version of him.


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