Too Long of a Lunch Break

The dream starts off at work. I’m working with a mix of the people I actually work with, some people I used to work with, and some people that attended school with me. The layout of the desks were different, as we were all lined up in rows. I was busily working on the computer, watching the clock, waiting for lunch.

“Hey,” my old coworker from my old food service job, S, spoke. I turned around, as he was sitting at a desk behind me. “Hey, want to go on an awesome lunch break?”

“Yeah,” I said, excited for something fun.

“Sweet,” he smiled. “Invite others if you want.”

I invited one of my current coworkers and a friend I have known since grade school, they both agreed to go.  Once the lunch break starts, we hop in his car and drive to a strip mall, where another girl I knew in school is waiting for us.

“There is free food and swimming the the salon over there,” she said, pointing to the hair salon at the corner. I raised an eyebrow, even in my dream world, I didn’t believe that a swimming pool could be in a hair salon.

“Trust me,” S insisted. “I went here last month. It’s awesome!” I sighed and exchanged skeptical glances with my friend, H, and shrugged.

We step in the salon, and it appears to be just that, a salon. No customers are around, just two girls around my age with bleach-blonde hair and orangey tans. I am immediately put off by their nasally voices and rude words, but they let us into the back room.

There was a huge buffet in the back room, tons of foods. I felt like drooling as my eyes grazed over the delicious meals in front of me. We helped ourselves to large plates of food. I noticed that S continued down a flight of stairs in the corner of the room, and I followed him.

There was a pool down there, and plenty of people were already down there eating or swimming in this hidden, underground pool. At this point, I was magically in a bathing suit and decided to jump in the pool.

The pool itself was magical. When I came back up for air, the poolside was gone and we were in a dinosaur-filled jungle. No wonder everyone in the pool was having a blast. The dinosaurs never noticed us as we splashed around. They just grazed on the prehistoric plant life without much care.

I dive back down to the bottom of the pool and came back up, only to now be greeted by a dark, gothic castle. Men in dark robes walked around the pool, speaking in hushed tones to each other. They also did not notice us as they went about their daily tasks. In the stone alcove, a man in the same dark robes was frantically writing with a quill pen on parchment. He faced away from the pool, hunched over his work. Curious, I actually get out of the pool, wondering if the world outside of it was real. I climbed the ladder and onto the stone floor; it didn’t fade.

“Hello?” I spoke, my voice echoing off the smooth surfaces of the castle walls. The man at the desk jumped in his seat and turned to face me. He stared at me with a mix of confusion and horror. He excitedly said something, but I didn’t know what language he was speaking. He actually approached me and held out a hand. I returned the gesture, but just before our hands touched, the castle disappeared.

I was back at the poolside, holding my hand out to the air and soaking wet. My coworkers were eating at the poolside. S laughed when he saw me standing there.

“Yeah, I did that my first time to!”

I was almost paralyzed with awe at what had just transpired, I just continued to stand there with my hand out.

“What time is it?” H asked. I looked at the clock; we had gone over our break time by a half hour already. I was fearful of getting in trouble. We collectively rushed out as I tried to find my clothes. Luckily, I found pants and a cardigan to wear over my swimsuit. We rushed to the car and drove off, hoping that we wouldn’t get fired.

Score: 5/10. Worrying about being late is scary, especially when your job is on the line, but a (time-traveling?) magical pool is fricken sweet! A solid score for this dream.



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