Think-Back Tuesday: A Lobster Trainer and a Caravan Traveler

I’ve been busy with the move and wedding things, so I have had little time to write, and few dreams to actually write about. So, this Think-Back will feature the only dream I had in the past week. It was short, but a little odd.

The dream starts off in a house by the sea. The large, two story house was on the sandy beaches just inches away from the tides. There were other houses along the shore, and the property was just on the edge of a campsite.  My mother lived in this house by herself (I have no idea where my dad was.)

In the dream, I came to visit my mother and her sea-side home. However, when I arrived, I discovered that this girl I knew since elementary school (M) was staying with my mother because she had been shunned from her family for dropping out of her prestigious, high-paying job to pursuing a career as a lobster trainer for a carnival. We had never been close friends, but my mother was the leader of our Girl Scout troop, and I knew my mother was the kind of person that would help one of her former scouts even though she hadn’t seen her in years. M wanted to teach lobsters how to walk on tight ropes and balance and roll around on balls. Everyone around her was angered over the fact that she was “ruining” her life by pursuing this bizarre career. Even my mother disagreed with her dream, and hopped that by offering her a home to relax and reflect, that she would snap out of her delusions of training performing lobsters. While I thought her dream was strange, I also thought that it was better for her to be poor and happy, rather than rich and miserable.

I stayed the night at my mother’s house and fell asleep in one of the upstairs bedrooms that overlooked the ocean. I woke up in the dark of the night to a scraping sound that was coming from outside the house. I when over to the window to check it out. I looked out the small window to see M climbing out the other upper floor window, using bedsheets as a rope. I watched as she landed on the sandy yard and hustle away. Like the beast that I am, dream me leapt out the second story window and onto the ground to follow her.

“What are you doing?” I called out to her.

“Training,” she said with a smile. She turned to the rolling tide and whistled. The waves rolled in several times, revealing small groups of lobsters with each recession. The lobsters scurried to her like little dogs. They made weird clicking sounds with their pincers and claws. She whistled again, this time in a succession of short bursts. The lobsters crawled up each other to form a pyramid. She whistled again and tossed a ball to the top lobster, which caught it and balanced it on its “nose” like a seal. I applauded in amazement.

“This makes me happy and I am good at it,” she said with a smile. “Have you ever had a strange dream?”

I thought about it for a moment.

“Yeah…” I said after pondering over the question. “Yeah! I have always wanted to live a life traveling in a caravan and wander the world.”

“Well, why not?” she asked. I tried to come up with an excuse. Work. Family. Expectations. But as I stared at the performing lobsters, I realized that no one’s expectations or needs should outrank my own. Why not follow my dream?

Just as the sun rose, I saw the the campground nearby full of traveling RVs. Many of the occupants appeared to be New Age hippy-esque individuals. I smiled at the group, wishing to join them.

“Well, see ya later alligator!” M waved before continuing on down the beach, her posse of lobsters following behind her.  I watched them leave before turning back to the campground. With a final decision, I ran towards the group. I was ready to start a new life.

Score: 5/10. I have friends that live a more nomadic life, and I am a bit jealous of the fulfillment of their dreams, but I get pretty uptight about traveling, so this would not be a happy reality for me. Maybe it means I should at least attempt to travel more? Also… performing lobsters!


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