Wondering Wednesdays: Wandering


So, as you all know, I have recently moved from one apartment to another and it has taken up a large portion of my life. Our new place is smaller and older, but it is in a much more desirable location (10 minute bike ride to downtown and a 30 minute bike to one of the beautiful Great Lakes.) The new place (which I have dubbed Peekaboo Palace) is also part of a large, old neighborhood full of lakeside cottages and giant McMansions in a large, wooded area. I have quickly developed the love of wandering around, looking at different houses and “hidden” areas around us. So far I have found; a small lake public access point, several very old homes, a beautiful park trail, a fairy-tale like cottage, and a giant, nearly-hidden mansion that has a wrought iron gate opening. I have always had a wanderlust, and this place fills my exploration desires.
I have come up with so many story ideas because of this neighborhood!


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