Some Privacy, Please!!

This dream begins with a map. I stared at the old-fashion map of paper and symbols. I was with my parents and we were planning our journey to visit my brother, who was living in the most northern part of our state. We planned on visiting him and staying at a large house with some friends that play euchre with my parents. We were all going to venture up north and rent this giant house for several days as a cheap, fun vacation.

Like a cheesy movie, our journey was marked with a cartoonish car as it followed the long route of the map, highlighting our stops and path.

We were now at the house. It was huge, with a full upstairs, ground floor, and furnished basement. Despite its size, we were pretty packed with the amount of euchre friends and their adult children (who I grew up knowing.) The parents took the official bedrooms, while us “kids” slept on couch-beds and blow-up mattresses in the basement. It wasn’t too bad at first, but I soon was overwhelmed with the lack of personal space. One morning I woke up, still tired from a fitful sleep, only to find that one of the guys had somehow managed to get his legs onto my blow-up mattress while still half-laying on his own bed. I rolled my eyes in disgust and pushed his legs off my bed. I got up, and ventured upstairs to the nearest bathroom. Just as I walked into the bathroom, the house all seemed to get up at once. I tried to lock the bathroom door as people walked by, but every time I shut the door, it slid open with a noisy creek. I could not get enough privacy to actually sit down and use the toilet. It drove me mad. I really had to use the bathroom. The few times I managed to shut the door, someone would come by and open it, apologize, and walk away.

Then I woke up…and used the bathroom.


Dream Score: 3/10. This dream drove me crazy! I just wanted to use the bathroom! At least my subconsciousness was keeping me from wetting the bed.


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