Wedding Disasters…Again!

As the date of our wedding quickly approaches, I’m not surprised that I’ve hand another dream full of panic and insanity revolved around getting married. (A little backstory: we are having a Halloween-themed wedding, traditional ceremony with a costumed reception. This plays into the dream.)

I’m in my costume (a female version of Watson from Sherlock Holmes). For some reason, I was sitting in one of the chairs in the middle of the row, before the ceremony was to begin. I knew I needed to get back and put my wedding dress on, but I was immobile. Everyone was frantically running around, doing last-minute touches and I was unnoticed in the frenzy.

I was shocked out of my paralyzation at the sight of my maternal grandfather, who was standing near the altar, facing away from me. My grandpa has been dead for the past fourteen years, and I knew this.

Still sluggish, I struggled to stand up. My brother walked by and noticed me.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“I see grandpa!” I answered, ignoring him. This was much more important.

“Yeah,” S replied. “He’s here just for a little while. He wanted to see you get married.”

“I want to go see him!”

“There’s no time!” my brother insisted. “ They’re starting the music soon!”

I was thrust into a near-empty hall, where my bridesmaids and the groomsmen were already lined up. My paternal grandfather and his wife (C) were standing there as well.

“There you are!” my grandpa exclaimed. “We were afraid that you would miss the ceremony, so we put C in your dress as a decoy.” (This is actually hilarious, because C is much shorter and more frail than I am, and is in her seventies.) She was wearing my dress and her face was covered with a veil, so people would not see her face. She quickly slipped off the dress and threw it over my head. I struggled with trying to take off the jacket of my costume and get the dress on.  Then, the music started. The wedding party started walking down the aisle. My maid of honor and R’s brother were the last to move and they walked reaaaalllly slow to give me a chance to get my dress on. I practically ran down the aisle, hoping that my pants would not be visible beneath my white dress.

The scene cuts to after the ceremony. We were outside with all of the family. My bridesmaids were wearing mismatched blood-red dresses (I didn’t seem to mind this as it was normal in my dream. In reality, they’re wearing black.)  However, I wasn’t happy with the fact that my aunt was also wearing the same color dress. My aunt found this funny and joked about it, as well as pointing out over and over again that the turnout to the wedding was terrible, claiming that people didn’t come because they would rather have their own Halloween parties, rather than see me get married. I stood there, flabbergasted, unable to argue or kick her out.

The dream ended with me upset and crying. Boo.

Dream Score: 1/10. Horrible like the last one, but I was happy to see my deceased grandpa even though I didn’t get to talk to him.


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