Stab, Your it! The Sequel (and more)

Dream 1: I had a dream last night that is loosely based on the dream I had earlier this week. The previous dream was referenced as a dream in this dream (very meta.) This dream started off on a much more sinister note. My family and our close family friends were hiding in various places of my parents house, in hopes of avoiding Jason Voorhees and his giant chainsaw. My parents hid upstairs, while my brother, Aunt L, and Uncle J, and I hid in the basement (which was about 3x the size it is in reality.) My brother squeezed himself in an old toy box and closed the lid, my Aunt A hid behind the bar, and my uncle had managed to remove the ceiling panels and hide in the space between the two floors (haha, what?)  I chose to hide in my dad’s workshop/storage area –there is a space under the stairs that someone could potentially hide in behind a line of things (this is actually a place that I commonly hide in nightmares involving my parent’s home.)

I heard the roar of Jason’s chainsaw and screams from upstairs. I panicked and ran from my hiding place, thinking it wasn’t good enough and that I would be caught next. I scrambled to where my uncle was hiding and begged him to let me share his hiding place. He told me to just remove another one of the panels and climb up. I managed to get up and slide the panel back in before I heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Jason had arrived.

From a crack in the ceiling, I could see Jason stalking around, looking for his next victim. He walked right beneath me and I held my breath, hoping he couldn’t hear my racing heart. He finally started to walk away and I sighed with relief. Then the paneling broke.

I fell from the ceiling and onto a pile of boxes. Jason turned and revved his chainsaw.

“Wait. WAIT!” I yelled. Jason paused, but the chainsaw kept running.

“I know how this works, and that you have to kill me,” I said. “But could you please make it quick? No tortuous chainsaws please!” Jason turned the saw off and stared at me for a few seconds before whipping out a gun and shooting me in the head at point-blank range.  I heard the shot, but felt nothing. I opened my eyes — well, eye, since I no longer had my left one. I could see and feel the oozing blood pouring from the wound in my head.

“Aww,” I whined. “I thought I picked a really good hiding spot this time…”

“Should have stayed where you were,” my uncle said, coming down from the ceiling.

“Ya, got me good this time, too!” I said, touching the bloody mess on my face.

“Can we call you Cyclops from now on?” my brother asked, climbing out of the toy box. Everyone laughed, including Jason. I made an overly-dramatic pouty face before laughing along with them.

Score: 6/10. I give this one such a high score for ending on such a “lighthearted” note. A weird bizarro world where people are mutilated without feeling pain or succumbing to their injuries.  Where the other dream I had started off fun and innocent and dissolved into disaster, this one started off terrifying and ended like a cheesy episode of the Twilight Zone.


Dream 2: I was a lab mouse that had somehow gained the intelligence and memories of a human being as part of an experiment. I wanted to escape the confines of my cage and see the ocean, which my human mind remembered fondly. There was another female mouse, who remembered a human life in Mexico, where she lived by the ocean. We agreed to team up and escape our prison.

The dream was a mix of scenic landscapes and hopeful discussions. I remember trees, rolling hills, deserts, and then finally an ocean town with cobbled streets and rolling waves.  I wish I could remember it in better detail, but it was beautiful.

 Score: 7/10. Weird. Surreal. Nice.



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