Teleportation Sensations

I was a young girl of about ten years old. I was tall and skinny with dark hair. I kept to myself at school, preferring my own company to the company of others. I did have a bully though, this big, burly kid that wasn’t above hitting girls.

The scene of this dream started off outside, probably at recess. The thug and a couple of his friends were chasing me around the school. I stopped running at some point and was out of breath. Several yards away, the boys stopped running and slowly approached me. I suddenly felt a burst of rage from within me as I watched them close the gap. I wanted nothing more than to punch the guy in the face. I clenched my fist and blinked.

I was suddenly right in front of him. Without thinking, I gave him a good left-hook to the face. Blood spurted out of his nose. They all stared up at me in fear. I clenched my fists again and they ran off.

“How did you do that?!”

I turned to see another boy. He was short and a bit chubby with orangey-red hair and freckles. He looked up at me with awe.

“With my fist?” I answered, unsure as to why he was so amazed.

“No, not that!” he gasped. “ You were over there…then you were in his face. Without moving!” He pointed to two different points which were a good ten feet apart. “How did you do it?”

“I don’t…know…”

The scene changes and it was weeks or months later. I was alone.The playground of the school was empty and I was practicing my newly-found ability. I stood my the slide and stared at the light post on the other side of the yard. I willed myself to be there and “pushed” myself forward. Then I was at the light post. Then I was at the monkey bars, and then at the school’s back doors. I was able to reach all of these points without moving. I could teleport.

I was proud of myself.

It’s like pushing inside of your body,” I explained to the freckled boy, whom I was now friends with. “You just look at the spot and then push yourself towards it. Then, you’re there.” I tried to explain with little success. It was around early spring at this point.

The boy stood there and stared at the light post with an intense expression. His cheeks went bright red from straining and holding his breath. He tripped forward slightly and I caught him.  He looked disappointed. I sighed and transported us both over to the light post. He stood there in amazement and shock. I laughed, only to stop once I saw two men dressed in black suits, watching us from a distance.

I was at home. My dream home life was awful; I lived with my mother in a rundown house. She didn’t work and instead gambled by playing poker with friends. I was usually locked in my room when others came over; my mother didn’t want them to know that she had a child. For years, I stayed quiet and out of the way and kept up with my mother’s charades.  Today, however, the act was interrupted when some of her “friends” unlocked my bedroom door to see what was hiding behind it. The blonde woman glanced around my barren room and made a face. They confronted my mother and she shooed them out, saving her rage for me.

She chased me outside, wielding a rolling pin. I ran out into the yard, covering my head with my hands. She actually caught up with me and had me in her grasps. She raised the rolling pin and just as I focused on a tree in the distance.

Then everything froze. I was lifted from where I was standing, just high enough for my feet to skim the grass beneath me. I removed myself from my mother’s grasp as an invisible force carried me through my yard, over a hill, and to the tree of a neighboring garden. Everything around me was still frozen as I passed it. I was in awe at the sight; I had never experienced this with teleporting before. The invisible force set me down on the grass next to the tree. Then time resumed. I could hear my mother screaming in confusion and fear from down the block. I took one last look at my horrible shack of a home before transporting myself towards the setting sun.

Score: 6/10. The sensation of traveling was very real. It was a pressing sensation against my chest from the inside. It was like when you jar forward from shock or whiplash, but without physically moving. Not sure if it was a superpower or if I learned Harry Potter apparition. Witch, mutant, superhero…it was still pretty cool. I subtracted points for a choppy narrative.  


3 thoughts on “Teleportation Sensations

  1. Hello Greypandora,

    That was amazing, your teleportation technique and the feeling when you teleport in the dream was different from the method that I learned in a dream, and you seem better at it than me. 👏

    I wonder who those men in the black suits were?

    The teleportation technique that I learned in a dream required more focus and charging it up, I would close my eyes and imagine the place I want to teleport to and I would focus on it while setting the intention to teleport there and focus on making it happen by maybe charging it up, and with enough time and focus I could teleport myself and others there.

    Unfortunately I have only gotten to use this dream power a few times ever, and I think I possibly first learned it in a dream called Learning To Teleport:


    I noticed that when I click your name it takes me to an old blog called The Time-Out Chair instead of this blog, and so you may want to update your / Gravatar Profile ( and your Account Settings ( to include your current blog. 😉

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr


    • John Jr,

      Your version of teleporting seems more wide-range; though it takes more effort, you seem to be able to travel further. My teleportation seems to be more based off of the X-Men Nightcrawler — I have to see where I am going in order to teleport. So, while mine might be easier to achieve, your’s could be far more useful.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the connection to my old blog, I’ve just gone and changed that. I didn’t realize that I forgot to switch it over!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello Greypandora,

        I see that now, your teleportation method would be better for short range teleporting to places that you can see, and my teleportation method would be better for long range teleporting to places you can not see like to other planets and dream worlds and dimensions and countries et cetera.

        I actually got to teleport to maybe another dream world before using my teleportation method once.

        You are welcome and do not forget to add your blogs and other services that you want to share under the Profile Links section of your Profile so that they will show on your Profile because right now your Profile ( has no links (you can see an example of how the links will look on my Profile

        -John Jr

        Liked by 1 person

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