The Black Door

This dream is pretty short, but it filled me with a sense of dread.

It started off surreal — my fiance (R), brother (S), and I were driving walking the streets inside of this building. Imagine a large, multi-floored, car park, but instead of being lined with open windows or staircases, it was full of apartments. It was like a small city street on the inside of the building. The streets were even marked like actual streets, only there were no cars. This building was one of three similar buildings that were connected by the aptly-named street: Connector Road.

We walked up the incline into the first of the three buildings, minding the road lanes like we were in a car as we tried to find some food stand at apparently served amazing food.

There were many residents on the road, walking in and out of their apartments and minding the 4-way stop in the middle of the building. Unfamiliar with the layout of this strange city, we accidentally got into the center lane rather than the right lane, so we would have to turn around in the stump of a street straight ahead which only lead to a few apartments (haha, dream logic.) Once it was our turn, we walked forward. I knew that this little street was supposed to end within a hundred or so feet, however, once we reached where the dead-end should be, we found the the street continued passed the grouping of apartments and narrowed slightly around the corner. It was a dark, empty street.

“I don’t remember this being here,” I said like I had been in this area before.

“Let’s check it out,” R suggested. “We aren’t in a hurry.”

I shrugged, not caring one way or another. At this point, I wasn’t scared, because I knew this indoor city was quite safe. There were no signs of private property or warnings, so while I found it weird, I figured that it was a small street that I had never noticed.

We all walked together up the slow incline. The street was far darker than the rest of the city, but it was still lit by dim lamps. There were brown doors along the brick walls of the street, but unlike the other apartments, these ones did not have apartment numbers, doormats, or door decorations.  Then suddenly, the street ended… and it ended right at this black, wooden door. Other than its dark color, it was very non-descript, nothing unusual looking about it. Despite this, I was filled with a deep, primal fear. Something about this door was very, very wrong. R and S must have felt the same way because we all turned around. It was suddenly far darker than when we had arrived, and despite going downhill, it felt like we were pushing through molasses. As we ran further out of there, it became steadily darker. We pushed on, struggling against whatever was trying to keep us there.

Then, the heaviness lifted and we could see dim lights downhill. I took a step forward, but instead of the steady incline, I had reached a step. The world became vastly brighter, and we realized that we were now walking down a staircase. We reached the bottom, and realized we were in someone’s living room. A woman, an old lady, and two small children were sitting on their couch, watching television. They looked up at us with confusion, but no hostility.

“I’m sorry,” I said, shaking. “I don’t know how we got here…”

“You saw the black door, didn’t you?” the woman asked, looking worried. I nodded.

“You must have gotten close; you’re very lucky.” She saw our confused expressions and continued. “You’re in the last unit of (building three.) If you had gotten any closer to that door, you would have never found your way back.”

“What do you mean?” S asked.

The woman began talking about being friends with someone that lived on that little street in building one. They occasionally saw the mysterious street in the early mornings and late evenings when they left their apartment. Everyone in the indoor city knew about this horrific street. Many people dared to enter the creepy road, only to appear in someone’s apartment, usually in a panic. Some people who entered never came out. The closer you got to the door, the less likely you were to come back.

I wished I had been able to focus and hear the rest, but the little boy kept bugging me and stealing my attention.

“The door’s was gonna bite ‘cha!” he jeered, pretending to attack me. I pushed him back in disgust. He tried again. This time I forced him away with my foot. He then grins up at me, evilly and then bit down on my foot.

I woke up with my foot hurting.


Score: 2/10. A whole lot of nope. I would be happy if I never saw that door again. Points for the cool indoor city, though!


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