I am the Werewolf

I was running through this old, decrepit mansion with another woman I didn’t know and a wailing baby. We were being chased by two large men that wanted to hurt us. The three of us weaved through the decaying rooms, trying to avoid capture. We finally managed to get enough distance between us and our pursuers to run into a bedroom and hide in a closet. I tried to barricade the closet door with a small dresser that was inside of it to put something between us.

The woman and I tried to remain silent in hopes that they wouldn’t find us. However, the baby began crying and the woman tried to quite it, but the sound he made was loud enough to attract the attention of the men, and they were soon forcing their way into the closet.

“What are we going to do?” the woman cried, holding the still wailing child. It was then that I realized that I was dreaming. I stood there in a lucid state as the closet door was being broken into.  An idea stuck me as the outside threat came closer and closer to harming us.

I let out a guttural sound that came from deep within my chest. I felt my my height grow and my hands and feet become clawed and twisted. Grayish-black hair grew from my face and arms and I could feel my canines lengthen until they poked over my slightly open lips.

“Howooooo! Werewolves of London!” I howled before busting through the closet and mauling the men on the other side of the door. They never stood a chance.

I woke up and had a little chuckle before falling back asleep.
Score: 5/10. Random, but kind of funny.


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