The Return

Sorry about the long absence, but I was dealing with an illness most likely caused by medication that did not interact with my body well. I have been feeling much better, so hopefully this is the last of my hiatus.

I’ll start this entry with an unforgettable dream that I had last week. I was having trouble sleeping (having gone to bed at 10pm, but still was still awake at 1am.) I chose to get up and sleep on the couch downstairs, hoping the different and cooler setting would lull me to sleep, or at least keep me from waking up my fiancé (R.)

I laid down the couch and closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and focused on nothing. I was at peace for a few moments.

Then I opened my eyes.

I was on the couch when I saw a dark figure shoot past me. It was human shape and size and darker than the already dark room. I was frozen in surprise, but forced myself to calm down. (I have experienced some strange things in my life, so I wasn’t overly afraid.) That’s when I realized that my fiancé was on the couch with me, his skinny frame fitting in the gap between me and the couch.

“R, why the heck are you down here?” I asked, turning my head to look over at him. R let out a low moan and moved his head. I realized in horror that it wasn’t R, but some grayish creature that was the same size and shape as my fiancé. It was a gray-tone replica in every way, except it had no face. I screamed.

Then I opened my eyes.

I was on the couch again, still breathing heavily from the creepy dream. I sighed and got up. I knew I would feel better if I just returned to bed. I headed up the stairs, and saw R standing at the top of them. No gray monster, just my best friend. I heard talking coming from the bedroom behind him.

“What’s going on?”
“Your mom needed to take an emergency call,” he said with a tired shrug. I made a face, something sounded off about that. I climbed up the stairs and went into the bedroom. My mother stood in the corner of the room and was frantically talking on her phone. I realized what was so off about this.

Yes, my mother had visited the other day, but she had gone home…which was 300 miles away from our place. This wasn’t real…

Then I opened my eyes.

I was back on the couch.

I looked around. Was I still dreaming?! Everything looked the same and everything was in detail. I could even see a glowing red sign just outside my kitchen blinds (that I forgot to shut before bed). The warehouse across the street must have gotten a new ad sign, but all I could make out on it was a giant red “2.”

I grabbed my cellphone and charger and stumbled my way up the stairs with tired legs. I was exhausted and just wanted to finish the rest of my night in my comfy bed. I nearly bumped into R when I reached the bedroom.

“What are you doing awake?” I asked.

“I couldn’t sleep, and since its four in the morning, I figured it was too late to try falling back asleep. I’m going to head downstairs and play video games.

“Well, just be quiet then,” I shrugged. I flopped into bed, ready to fall asleep.

“Yessss….” a horrific voice whispered in my ear.

Then I opened my eyes.

I was on the couch.

This time I panicked; the last mini-dream I had felt so real…minus the red sign across the street. I dared myself to look out the kitchen window. The red sign was still there, but now it read a blazing “1.”

“Wake up! Wake up!” I screamed out loud. I stomped up the stairs in the most animated fashion I could muster, trying to force myself awake. The steps slid from beneath me and I fell backwards…

Then I opened my eyes.

I was on the couch.

I leapt from the couch and could see the window from where I stood. The sign blazed in front of me: STOP!

I felt myself sinking into the ground. I was being pulled down by my feet by strong, giant hands.

Then I was on the couch.

I was drenched in cold sweat and I took a deep breath. With overwhelming fear, I forced myself to look out that damn window.

There was no red sign. No blazing numbers or words staring back at me. I check my phone twice (a strategical tactic in lucid dreaming: if you glance at the time more than once, the numbers will be wildly different in dreams/ completely unreadable) everything was normal. 2:44 am. I had only been sleeping a little over an hour, but in that time, I felt like I had spent an eternity trapped in my own dreams. I unplugged my phone and slowly made my way up the stairs –keeping in mind how much more this felt than the most realistic of my mini-dreams. The sounds of the steps as I moved up them, the smell of last night’s burgers still wafting through the apartment, and the sound of R’s deep breathing as I lay back in bed with him were all indicators that this was real and that I was awake.

I even stayed up a few minutes, just to make sure this was reality.

I soon fell asleep and had a very basic dream. Something about camping I think.

I could die happy not ever having am inescapable dream like that again.

Score: NOPE/10.


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